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#731 Simplistic Forge Wallpaper

Posted by Zandril on 31 May 2013 - 02:40 PM

Hey guys. I made a very simple Forge wallpaper and I felt like sharing it here.
Hope you like it.

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#482 How do you get better at Halo?

Posted by brycegrit on 14 March 2013 - 01:12 AM

Well this is gonna be long... 


To get better at the game, you have to understand everything that's going on. You don't just wake up one day and your the best at halo.You have to be good at all aspects of the game, from timing power weapons to playing your advantages with the BR. To map awarness to map control. This takes years to become a expert at and honestly thiese are my suggestion's besides that poster's bullshit youtube post. Sorry for swearing



-Watch Your Footage (1-2 hours a night)

This way you can see what your weakness and strengths are. Everyone started somewhere and the hardest thing is criticing yourself but the more you watch your footage and what's going on. The more you will realize what's happening in the game

-Work on communication

Even when you don't have anyone to play with, callout with mute teammates! Communication is a huge skill to have! 


This isn't a out BR/DMR contest. yeah its nice to do that but the reality is a good player doesn't get into 1 on 1 battles he gets the opposing player weak and has his team mate clean them up. Practice running in 2s and good bait and switch techniques! 


Be AWARE of what's going on. Look around you check the corners, explore the map in forge see what spots the enemy team will come from if your at one spot. 

-Map Movement

Every wonder how not to get sniped? Great player's take key routes to making sure they are hard target to hit. Practice this and watch pro's. The way's they move around the map



There's so much more to this game than meets the eye. And these are just a few tips ill give you. Practice on one of these things for a week at a time and watch yourself progress there's nothing better than seeing progress! 

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#346 What are your expectations for Halo 5?

Posted by Captain Napalm on 20 January 2013 - 10:42 PM

Throughout the next two installments in the series, I expect Master Chief to have to face some very tough challenges. Not just physical challenges where his life is endangered by the Prometheans and Covenant, but internal challenges. What will Chief do without Cortana? Does he believe she's really dead? Will he try to find her again on Requiem? What happens if Chief has to choose between finding Cortana and saving Earth? The cutscene introduction to the Halo 4 campaign described Chief as unstable, broken even. I think gripping choices and plot twists like this are going to be huge pieces of the coming story.

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#957 Forge Forum Guidelines

Posted by Zandril on 31 August 2013 - 04:03 AM

       Greetings, member. Welcome to the Forge forum of Halo Forum. If you intend on posting your map, please follow these simple guidelines.
What should be in your map post?
  • THREAD TITLE - The title of your thread should simply be the name of your creation. You can tag the map with "BETA", "PREVIEW", or "WIP" if it is unfinished.
    • Example: Good title - The Pit
    • Example: Bad title - MLG Pit v5.5 [AWESOME REMAKE]
  • MEDIA - If you are posting a thread for a creation of yours (map, gametype, etc.), your thread must be accompanied with media. The requirement is at least one screenshot or video. Your thread will be locked if you fail to provide media.
  • Suggestion: The more media, the better. More media will give viewers a better idea of your creation and could motivate them to download it and/or give you feedback.
  • Suggestion: Quality of your media is better than the quantity of it. Three solid screenshots and a gameplay video is better than ten awful screenshots.
  • Suggestion: Don't make a long write-up. This could bore your audience. Keep you point brief.
  • INTRODUCTION - Introduce your creation and yourself. Give the background and history of the creation, including things like inspiration, purpose, goals, etc. Give readers a reason to care.
  • INFORMATION - Provide information on your creation. This gives your readers some vital information that will allow them to understand if this creation will interest them. Important pieces of information include:

Player Count:

Supported Gametypes:

Suggested Gametypes:

Weapon List & Spawn Times:


  • DOWNLOAD LINK - Include a download link to your creation. Failure to do so will result in the locking of your thread. To get a download link for your creation, go to Halo Waypoint. Make sure you are signed in with your Xbox Live account. In the top right corner, click on your Gamertag, then click on "FILE SHARE". Locate your file, either under "GAME TYPES" or "MAP VARIANTS". You must then click on the file, and then use the URL appropriately. Do not link viewers to your File Share. Give them a direct link to the file.


         Example of a proper download link

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#931 Halo 4 Metro Style

Posted by AvalonX on 16 August 2013 - 10:13 PM

Looks great, you do this in Photoshop?  I like the color scheme.

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#885 Let's spread the word

Posted by FoeLion on 10 July 2013 - 07:13 PM

Must be spreading the word well. I'm here from Bungie.net.

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#74 The Verge interviews 343 Industries about Halo 4 concept art

Posted by crunchyg on 07 November 2012 - 05:49 PM

Posted Image

The Verge has posted an excellent feature with Gabriel Garza, the 343 Industries concept artist responsible for the Halo 4 work. Interesting quotes and beautiful Halo artwork included!

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#716 Choosing the right sensitivity

Posted by Joker99352 on 28 May 2013 - 02:14 AM

It's funny; I don't usually adjust sensitivity settings on console games. There are a few exceptions, of course, when a little bump of the joystick makes the screen do a 360. I suppose it depends on how well you process the scene when it's flying past you, but I prefer to slow it down a little bit. Playing PC games is a whole different story, especially with my unreliable video card that causes some games to crash when I turn around too quickly.

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#621 Cheating/Host Booting

Posted by Kibaman101 on 27 April 2013 - 09:23 PM

This happened to me 2 out of every 10 games.  It was especially really bad in SWAT.  Once your rank gets higher, more people decided that host booting was a great idea.  I still see this a lot in social slayer and nobody is doing anything about it.  The people who play all have to suffer because cheaters think that it is more fun to take everybody else's fun away.  It is so dumb that host booters think that this was a good idea.  All it shows me is that the host booters are too bad to actually play for themselves.

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#561 Ordnance drops: My only gripe with Halo 4 multiplayer

Posted by Inzombiak on 10 April 2013 - 06:42 PM

That feeling when your ordinance drop lands on and kills an enemy running towards you. Pretty much the only good thing about ordinance drops. I've always had terrible luck with my options. 

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#527 Your favorite custom games?

Posted by steam455 on 26 March 2013 - 08:00 PM

I would have to say I absolutely loved the infection game types. I remember this one map that was a giant maze, with obstacles everywhere. You had to get around each obstacle before the slow moving juggernaut caught up to you. I can honestly say I spent hundreds of games in that map alone.

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#411 Will 343 ever match the classic that is Halo 3?

Posted by BitesizeCrayons on 28 February 2013 - 08:53 AM

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy Halo 4. However, many hardcore fans of Halo that have played since the glory days will agree that Bungie's magnum opus is Halo 3. It isn't without issues, but I haven't had a multiplayer experience this gen that matched Halo 3. My concern is that 343 is going to manufacture Halo, while Bungie lovingly crafted Halo and made sure every last facet was geared to the true-blue Halo fans. 

I want 343 to lay my worries to rest. They hold the very last reason for me to have any interest in the next Xbox in their hands, and should the next Halo not be absolutely stellar (and not just in setting, har har), I'll no longer be on the Xbox bandwagon. Feel free to express your dissent; if you think 343 is moving in a better direction from Halo 3, do tell why. 

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#360 Forge

Posted by AvalonX on 26 January 2013 - 05:12 AM

This is all you need to know about Halo 4 Forge:





Not too mention the framerates are so terrible.  If you even imaging playing splitscreen forget it.  The dynamic lighting makes indoor maps impossible to see and they got rid of nudge tools.  Very silly. 

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#345 What ever happened to the Halo movie?

Posted by Captain Napalm on 20 January 2013 - 10:34 PM

Forward Unto Dawn was amazing. It seems to me that FUD was almost a "trial" movie so to speak. This is strictly observational, but I think that maybe they used FUD as a guinea pig to really test how popular a Halo movie would be. This would be important information because the cost of creating such a high action, high CGI movie would be immense. Because FUD did so well, and so many fans are demanding it, it seems rather likely that at some point the project will get picked up again. There is no telling how long we'll have to wait though.

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#275 Hello Everybody

Posted by Pergatory on 14 January 2013 - 02:05 AM

I am somewhat of a forum veteran. I use them day and night snd love everything about them. I am also a very big Halo fan. Recently i made the decision to move away from the 343industries.org forums and find a new place to find friends and have a good time. I look forward to getting to know all of you :)

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#27 Can You Remember Getting Halo 2?

Posted by TheGingerWriter on 05 November 2012 - 08:16 PM

I remember when I first got it, back in '04. It was Christmas, and I absolutely adored the game; it introduced different storylines and made me so happy. I played it repeatedly, both online and offline. If I recall, this was where they introduced the 'Killed by the Guardians' tagline. Who are the Guardians? Hahaha!

I genuinely thought that during the bridge battle, when Sgt. Johnson brings you the tank, that the female marine he speaks to would be a major character, but she ended up being killed on that very bridge.

'I know what the ladies like'.
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#2182 The official Anime BADASS Anime Thread

Posted by Shimus on 12 February 2015 - 02:19 AM

From Comedies and Romances to downright Gritty and Bloody slash Gorey, there's an anime for everyone. Most claim they're cartoons for children; but I beg to differ. I would not show half of the shows I've watched to developing kids until after they turned 16 or better. These have some repercussions in the developing mind. That's why as an adult I could enjoy these anime for what they were - gruesomely well-told stories. Some people prefer the cute-and-fluffy things, but I do not.


I like stories about war. Hopelessness, and overcoming it to beat incredible odds. Like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. 


Here's the opening: 


(Sorairo Days, if you can't view it)


I like badass series. I like action that's over the top, like Black Lagoon's Boat Scene: 


My good lord, CHILLS.


What's your favorite BADASS series? Explain!

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#2028 Do you miss arcades?

Posted by camsdad on 27 October 2014 - 07:28 PM

I really miss arcades. They used to be everywhere here in the city and now there's only one. There used to be one called Gameworks and it was located right across the street from the movie theater. It was the perfect Friday/Saturday night activity. Go to the movies early and spend the rest of the night at Gameworks, or vice versa. Now the movie theater itself had a few games, and GW has since closed, leaving us with no arcades.


Has anybody else's hometown gone through this? what was your favorite arcade/game?


I guess I'll have to start making more money and saving up so I can open one.  

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#1941 Battleship

Posted by Livvy on 12 July 2014 - 09:22 PM

Thanks for this mate :)

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#1002 Battleship

Posted by crunchyg on 26 September 2013 - 05:24 AM

You might want to edit your post and use the IMG bbccode for images instead of using them as attachments.  That way they will display properly in the body of the message.

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