1. Shimus

    Your best destiny glitch?

    Where's the weirdest place you've glitched into? I've seen all the currently in-game downloadable content that's locked or still to be released yet, like the upcoming DLC: House of Wolves. I also glitched into the current new DLC, the Dark Below, way before it was out. I've also taken my...
  2. Shimus

    Destiny Funny Videos

    Here's the number one rated funny parody video for Destiny so far. We're Awoken and we'reeee OUTSPOKEEENNNN
  3. Z

    Halo 4 Boxing Mod

    Here is a video on our ZombifiedNation channel of a game mode you can find in the file share of "corbman" or "zombifiedmorder". It is the boxing game mode! Literally punching each other with our fists in a small boxing arena map. Halo 4 Boxing Part 1: Halo 4 Boxing Part 2: Let us know...