1. Shimus

    Your best destiny glitch?

    Where's the weirdest place you've glitched into? I've seen all the currently in-game downloadable content that's locked or still to be released yet, like the upcoming DLC: House of Wolves. I also glitched into the current new DLC, the Dark Below, way before it was out. I've also taken my...
  2. InvertedReach

    Halo 4 Glitch/Trick - The Light Pit

    Hey everyone, we uploaded our second installation on glitch tutorials today, this time, we feature Halo 4. This trick I like to call, 'The Light Pit' because that's basically what it is, and you can't get down there originally because it has been blocked off by kill barriers. Hope you enjoy! If...
  3. InvertedReach

    Halo Reach Trick - Inside the Elevator Room

    Hey everyone, this is a tutorial of how to get inside the Elevator Room on ONI Sword base during the campaign. This room is not accessible during the campaign normally, so I performed a method known as clipping to get inside of the room. I hope you enjoy! If you could, since this channel is...