xbox 360

  1. Shimus

    Xbox 360 Online PVP Team Signups

    I'm looking to have some friends in PVP. I'm sick and tired of carrying teams who don't know their heads from their asses, it's getting quite tiring. So, I'm hereby recruiting any player who normally averages a 1.5-2.5 K.D.R. or better each match. I want to stomp on some pubs, son. I need help...
  2. ChrisFPS

    XBMC on Xbox 360

    I still have my original Xbox hooked up to the TV because XBMC is still my favorite way to play local videos. All my movies and TV shows watching is done through XBMC. For those who don't know what XBMC is, it started as a homebrew project called XBMP (Xbox Media Player) for Xbox 1 and...