ODST A Letdown?

I wasn't a big fan of Halo 3, and after playing a few hours into ODST, I lost almost all interest in Halo, to be honest.
I do think it was a weak title, and if not for the amazing game Reach was, I probably would've been done with Halo at that point.
A Halo game where you play as a human ODST soldier instead of a Spartan, that's a first and a big change. I did, however, enjoy the game because it's different. Playing from a soldier's point of view and not a spartan is actually fun. They brought back the healing aids from the first, since the characters are human, so you can't just run into the fight, you'll most likely die instantly. The new Horde like 'Firefight' mode is fun when there's up to 4 players. Though the game was good, it was really short. Probably would've worked better as an expansion pack to Halo 3, rather than being a full game, but there is still enjoyment to have here. But if you liked playing as an indestructible super-soldier, then of course it might be better to look to the other titles in the series.

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