Recruiting for Ruins Clan

Saint Sors

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Apr 5, 2016
west virginia
Hello follow spartans

Im currently recruiting for ruins clan we was hoping to get some good valuable members here so here we go. Let me tell you some stuff about us. We were establish back in halo 3 and had ove 200+ members and was one of the top clans back in halo 3. When halo reach came out we restarted fresh and over 100+ members and was once again a top clan in halo reach. we drop off in halo 4 and Halo 2 annivesary but we have reestablish are selfs here on halo 5. We do weekly events such as fun custom gamenights competitive nights and we always try to clanbattles or raids whenever we can. We have competitive and casual players here on the clan we also have an halo reach montage and coming out soon a halo 5 montage so check us out. If you are interested message saint sors and/or gangstaawise on xbl and will fill you in on more and get you situated.

Saint Sors

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