halo 3

  1. H

    [Event] Halo 3 2v2 Tournament in North NJ!

    Hitbox Arena is a newly formed gaming company dedicated to bringing you the ideal competitive experience. To kick it off, we are hosting a Halo3 2v2 Slayer Tournament on July 13th starting at 12pm. We provide all systems and setups for you to use. You can bring your own controller and headset if...
  2. XanderElite

    Hello Fellow Spartans

    Hello fellow Spartans, My name is Xander, also known as XanderElite. I finally decided to become a part of this great community/forums as of today and I noticed some things. 1. There are still dedicated and devoted halo members. (Thankfully) 2. We need to revive this place. Anyways. I just...
  3. Biohazard

    A Scratched in number wasn't enough!

    Does anyone else think that a scratched number in the side of the monument wasn't enough? I mean the Spartan was the best of his kind, and practically was the only thing standing between mankind's survival, and total extinction, or worse slavery. The man was a legend among soldiers, and just the...
  4. BigBigFan

    Getting 200k Achievements in Firefight Solo

    I've done all of the 200k achievements on Heroic solo except for Crater, Lost Platoon, and Rally Point since these are the hardest. Tip: when doing Crater hold onto your fuel rod and use the hammer as much as possible, the rod is a lifesaver, literally. If any of you have done these three...