Getting 200k Achievements in Firefight Solo


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Nov 3, 2012
I've done all of the 200k achievements on Heroic solo except for Crater, Lost Platoon, and Rally Point since these are the hardest. Tip: when doing Crater hold onto your fuel rod and use the hammer as much as possible, the rod is a lifesaver, literally. If any of you have done these three achieves on Heroic I'd love to hear some tips and pointers, I've spent hours trying each of them.
No no dude, just jump all-over the place and snipe with your pistol/plasma pistol. It works for me and I have a blast doing it! I played for kicks last week and broke 200k without trying to; on crater. :p Not that it matters though, since I have all the acheivements already B)
Yeah man. I got Halo 3 Recon the legit way.

If you really need some help though...
Sign in a second controller and play local. You get to play lag-free, and you get an extra character to rely on if all else fails. You can also use it to horde extra weapons for diferent reasons. (Since the game automatically de-spawns the random weapons lying around.)

Woot, I just finished Rally Point. It took me forever! Thanks for the tip Torchu, not too many have recon the old way. Did you know it's the shoulders on fire and not the helm? It looks like the helm but that's just how it turned out.
I personally find that it's impossible. xD
I can't help you with that because my firefight skills are very limited.
I've sadly retired my ODST disk, Halo 4 is just too good and my commitments outside the Halo world are too many. The Bungie website no longer updating is a bummer too, ahh well.
This post has really inspired me to go and try these achievements again! I know its a little late, but I guess its better late than never, right? Anyways thanks for sharing this! I appreciate it!
I think it's definitely fun to go after individual achievements, but after a while it becomes a matter of how much time you have.

At least when you're playing your friends online, you're sort of spending quality time with people you know, but getting achievements on your own just doesn't seem to be a good use of time.
I really liked firefight when it first came out because I like working together with people rather than against them all the time. That's one of the reasons I love Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, since it's still challenging and you don't have to worry about everyone being way better than you. I literally never play slayer unless it's team slayer because I'll inevitably end up at the bottom every time. But I don't really have the patience for harder difficulties on firefight unless I have someone helping me.

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