Anyone play the old MMORPG, UO? (Ultima Online)


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
It was the first MMO to kick off the whole genre, truly. At least here in the USA, back in the time of 1997. It had no levels; just skills to hone. It had housing (later they they let you design it) you could literally log in and just be what you wanted to be, no questions asked - just go grind it. Want to be a miner? Go grab a pick and hack at a wall. Want to kill? Go to a dungeon. Want to tradeskill? Go hack down a tree for wood and turn it into furniture or bows. There was so much customization.
Here's the opening theme song; nostalgia overload.

Here's some gameplay:
Building a house in UO was major fun too; they allowed you to build from the ground up. Here's a video:

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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess