Bungie's GDC Wrap Up

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Mar 29, 2013
This was taken from the folks at destinyguardian.com. All credit goes to them


Well it was certainly a lot more than expected, but with the way mailsacks have been going lately anything seems like a huge release of information. Joe Staten and Christopher Barrett were at the helm of the presentation and seemed as genuinely excited to show off the game as people in the audience and watching via livestream were to see it. Chances are if you're reading this you already tuned into the broadcast, but here's a rundown of what we learned from the GDC panel.

  • Players can choose between 3 races. Humans, the Awoken (space elves), and Exo (described as killer war machines). How the races came to work together or even exist has not yet been said. Well besides human of course.
  • Customization options will be available. Players can choose to change their characters hair, armor appearance, and facial features.
  • Personal Spaceships! The premise of each player having their own personal starship parked in a hanger where they can show it off was mentioned repeatedly throughout the presentation.
  • The Hive are the mysterious space zombies. Looks like Destiny will have it's own version of the flood! From one of the pieces of concept art a member of the Fallen was seen to be infected by the Hive, most likely meaning they represent an enemy to all the races.
  • Top Secret alien race. We only got one quick shot of an armada of Pyramid like space ships and a comment that "they couldn't be talked about yet".
  • Weapons and armor! There will be a massive amount of wepaons and armor in the game that can be "looted" while out on missions. A comment was made saying that each piece was designed modularly, maybe hinting at some weapon customization, at least style wise.
  • We almost had tiger men. You heard it right, Bungie did their damdest but just couldn't find a fit for Tiger men in the Destiny universe.

Add to all this the first in engine footage of characters and you can safely say that there was quite a bit gleaned from what was supposed to be strictly an industry event.

What were your favorite parts of the presentation and favorite announcement?

It sounds like they are taking the best parts of Mass Effect, Halo, Borderlands and others and mashing them into a masterpiece. Obviously I am selling it way short but you get my drift. I loved the concept art though.

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