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Dec 17, 2012
Without starting a hacking discussion on the forum, how many of you guys have ever been booted offline upon playing a game on Halo 3?

It honestly drove me crazy, especially that Bungie didn't seem to do anything about it. It was such a problem at one point that I stopped playing the game for a couple of weeks question to cool down. Even when my team and I would be playing a couple of "easy" games in the ranked slayer we would sometimes match up against so called hackers who would boot one of us online in order to win the game ( it was hilarious when they still couldn’t win)

That's what really ruined the game for me, what about you guys did the lag piss you off as it did for me?
I have a great internet connection and lag has never been a problem, like ever, so I'm lucky but the hackers got old. The ones that bugged me were the pro players starting up noob accounts just to pick on noobs. You knew it when a 50 kill match ended quick with one guy having 48 kills to himself and he was laughing at the others.

Still, every game had these problems and Halo did act on them at least, or at least Bungie did.
I'm impressed you never encountered lag! I have a great internet connection as well, but I was never able to pull off host. When I did the game was comparable to LAN, however we always seem to lose host when matched up against British players who had terrible connection.

I never understood how Halo 3 had such trouble with lag and reach shared none of the same issues. Perhaps it has to do with hit-scan?
There were times where the host would change and knock everyone out. Or when you got matched up with someone partied up and it they would quit it would lag out a match. Nothing as bad as the rubber banding going on in Halo 4 though.
I'll be honest, I had a good friend online who would do this. When I first started to play, we constantly cheated and modded all day long. We ended up winning every single game and just kept winning. As time went on, I thought to myself... why am I doing this? The next day I told him I will be playing for real and earn my rank. He got mad and deleted me from his list.

Cheating never wins!
Likewise, I used to have a friend who would hostboot his way through his multiple 50s but he would sell the accounts. I would sometimes tag along with him and it always fascinated me how people would actually be willing to pay for 50 accounts.

There really isn't a point in having a 50 if your skill doesn't match. Regardless I must admit it was fun to cheat at times but it definitely ruins the game. It's unfortunate that the people who cheat often times abuse of the game flaws.
I know exactly what you mean. There was nothing worse then joining a game to recognize one dude has all 50 kills. I never did host booting the entire time. He had mods on the expansion map packs and the warthogs could fly. Probably the coolest one was a race track throughout the entire map. Grab a big group and race till the end!
I love playing against fake 50's since they tend to really be at 15 skill irl and I mow them down quite easily. It's not that I like easy kills, it that I like killing cheats and fakes, they deserve agonizing horrible and repeated deaths for their game trechery!
Perhaps you have a better internet connection than the average hostbooters. It's amazing that you were never hit offline, when I play Halo 3 nowadays 1 game out of 3 I, or someone on my team gets booted.
This happened to me 2 out of every 10 games. It was especially really bad in SWAT. Once your rank gets higher, more people decided that host booting was a great idea. I still see this a lot in social slayer and nobody is doing anything about it. The people who play all have to suffer because cheaters think that it is more fun to take everybody else's fun away. It is so dumb that host booters think that this was a good idea. All it shows me is that the host booters are too bad to actually play for themselves.

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