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Dec 17, 2012
Hey guys, I wanted to know which sensitivity you preferred/played on in Halo 4?

Honestly I believe the higher you go ( without affecting your accuracy) the better of a player you are. I used to play on 10 however I have dropped it to 8 since I changed from a t.v to a computer monitor. The smaller your screen is that lower I seem to need to play without flying everywhere.

You may want to adjust your sensitivity, depending on the type of player you are! I was a support player back in Halo 3 and seemed to have carried that "personality" in Halo 4. The support player mainly assists the main slayers in his team, he is at the right place at the right time and is constantly shooting, weakening the opponents without necessarily killing them himself. The reason you want to play on a fast sensitivity is to be able to look everywhere and put shots into everyone. Members who have been playing halo for some time know how vital it is to weaken and team shot opponents. I would highly suggest setting your sensitivity from 7 to 10.

If your a main slayer and you always go high on the carnage report then you may want to aim a little lower on the sensitivity to increase your accuracy. Most main slayers I know play on 5 or 6 and are deadly in a BR/DMR battle. You may start on a low sensitivity but surely work your way up!

If your a sniper then I would suggest lowering your sensitivity to a 4. Personally it is my favorite for snipping, the accuracy is all there without completely removing your agility. If your new to Halo then 3 is where you want to start. If I am not mistaken you are default 3 at the beginning and it's a good idea to stay there until you master your BR/DMR, as you practice slowly increase your sensitivity until you find the perfect one that optimizes your game-play.
I play on 5. The way I see it 10 is too aggressive and is mostly good for turning around quickly since it makes your reticle jump too much. At 1 or 2 you just can't turn around fast enough. I got used to 5 and so I like it best.
I wish they would make an option where if you hit your joystick hard enough it would turn fast yet when you would be in a BR/DMR battle it wouldn't move as fast. I guess that would remove the difficulty but it could be interesting for the newer players. ;)
I wish they would make an option where if you hit your joystick hard enough it would turn fast yet when you would be in a BR/DMR battle it wouldn't move as fast. I guess that would remove the difficulty but it could be interesting for the newer players. ;)

That would make it a little bit easier, only if 343 had a way to contact them :p
I agree, I think that a hard tug on the stick should make you turn fast and a gentle tap or touch should move more slowly. When I aim a BR on anything over 6 it's a crapshoot as to wether or not I'm going to entirely miss the person. 2-3 is perfect for aiming, 4-6 is perfect for moving around and 7+ is just showing off :)
I usually stick to 4. I think it is just right; I can turn quickly if I need to, but I have ample control. I turn it up for SWAT, but that is the only playlist I do so. I have yet to see it demonstrated that mastering higher sensitivities improves one's game, so I'll stick to 4 until further notice.
Thanks for sharing this! I've been having trouble with my sniping in Halo, but after reading this I've realized what my problem is. I need to try to use a much lower sensitivity. I've always had it set pretty high, and the few times I've tried the lower ones, I felt as if the screen was on a delay. I guess I'll just have to get use to it. Again, thanks for sharing!
The higher, the better if your an aggressive player who likes to rush. Lower is good if you like to observe the environment and then pick your shots
My sensitivity varies by playlist. 3-4 if Slayer/BTB/CTF on Recon control config. 6-7 Swat on Bumper Jumper.
It's funny; I don't usually adjust sensitivity settings on console games. There are a few exceptions, of course, when a little bump of the joystick makes the screen do a 360. I suppose it depends on how well you process the scene when it's flying past you, but I prefer to slow it down a little bit. Playing PC games is a whole different story, especially with my unreliable video card that causes some games to crash when I turn around too quickly.
I started out at 3, which gradually went up to 4 then 5 then back to 4 :p My friends would play on 9 and I didn't know how it was possible, it just seemed too jerky. I spent some time getting used to higher sensitivities and it definitely helped my game play. It's not just the fact that you can turn faster but it conditions you to have a quicker reaction time to everything happening on the map.
They really need a Y axis option so I can catch up to all those dirty jetpackers :)

I play at 5, with the TU that feels right to me. I am bumper jumping all over the place.
I've tried various sensitivities ranging from 3 through 10. I have found that 5 fits my game style perfectly, maintaining your target is so much easier than in higher sensitivities. With a 5 sensitivity it gives you proportionate amount of control of your character, especially on Bumper Jumper button layout.
I'm about a medium. Not too high, not too low.

Juuuusssstttt right!
I was a constant 3 or 4. I hated moving too fast, over aiming and shooting my targets. Like was mentioned above, you'll take 3 or 4 if you like to observe and pick shots. I won't say I camped, as I moved around and crouch killed people a lot, but the shotgun+melee old combo(golden oldie) while crouched around a bend nearly always landed me with a high KDR. I don't play the map and the people at the same time. I pick and choose my battles. And stay crouched.

A lot.
4 Seems good for me. I like to look at a head size object on the wall and if I can track it well enough then I feel like my sensitivity is fine.

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