Did you miss fighting Elites in Halo 3?


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Feb 27, 2013
It's truly hard to find things about Halo 3 I don't like, but one thing I can say is that Brutes were less appealing to me than Elites. I know the Sangheili aligned with the humans, so it made sense canonically to be fighting Brutes, so this isn't much of a complaint.
I felt that the brutes were a good replacement for elites and that elites were better allies than marines
I like the elites, i don't know just felt right to me with halo ce and halo 2.
True. Brutes don't regenerate health, so they're much less annoying, and who doesn't want Sangheili on their team?
I think fighting the brutes was a great idea. I loved the weapons that they would drop, and also the vehicles. I was a really nice change, and in a way left the ending of the trilogy on a good foot.
No way. Fighting the Brutes made me feel like a bad ass throughout the whole campaign.
I loved having the Elites as an ally, they didn't die every five seconds on Legendary and actually had some form of battle sense. The Brutes were a fantastic enemy, and it ended Halo 3 in a good way.
I liked the Brutes in general, but I'm glad they didn't stick around. They got annoying after a while, but I loved their weapons too. I really liked the Brute characters in particular, more than some of the covenant/prophet characters.
I definitely liked the fact that they don't regenerate health like the elites; getting pinned by Zealots is never fun.
I like the fact that they're cycling through enemies rather than using them over and over. Even though the Covenant have been present throughout, they manage to keep them feeling fresh. I just don't think they'd be able to pull that off with a bunch of different species/races, perhaps with the exception of the flood.
Ha. Yea, I do actually. Their characteristic "Woort Woorts" always made me chuckle. However, I would also have to say that they were probably the most brutal enemy you could face when attempting to play the game on Legendary. I died alot mainly to to ones armed with energy swords.
Yeah I can see what you mean. I like brutes and all. They're alright enemies, and it's not like they're the worst thing in the world but they just don't hold up to Elites, you know? There's just something different, and better about the Elites, but I can't pinpoint it.
Brutes are just oh look, I gotta charge behind them and whack away. Elites were like..where the f is he shooting me from!? I don't get it.. squirrely guys. They just didn't hold up indeed.

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