Do you expect a Halo 2 HD for the 360


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Nov 5, 2012
Ever since Halo 3 has released, there has almost been a new Halo game released every year. Admittedly, it missed one year. But then they made up for it by releasing two in one year the following year (ODST and Halo Wars).

But if the successor to the 360 doesn't come out next year, do you expect there to be a Halo 2 HD remake? Much in the same vein that Halo: Combat Evolved was remade.
Honestly I think it might be a game that will be remade.

343 took over from bungie and is a company of actual halo fans. They fixed to their best ability halo reach (removing bloom and sprint) they remade Halo CE as a perfect remake only graphics enhanced, if they are true Halo fans like they claim (and have been showing the community) they will eventually do a remake.

If they do I really hope its just graphics they change and leave every little glitch that game ever had.
Well, if any of the glitches have any negative gameplay effects, you should expect them to be fixed. Just like they did for the HD version of Halo 1.

I'm almost certain Halo 2 HD is coming next year. It will give them more time for completing Halo 5 and it continues the trend of "a new Halo every year"
What kind of glitches were in Halo CE? what did they have to fix when they remade it?
Halo glitches can be a lot of fun, I remember throwing a grenade once and it exploded near a door but as I was running off it exploded again. I thought it was someone elses nade so I turned and it exploded again, and again, and again every 5 seconds until the game ended. It was weird for sure.
Well, since the next console gen is confirmed to be right around the corner, I highly doubt there will be one released for the 360. Perhaps they'll wait for next year, since it will be a decade after Halo 2 was released, but that's just a guess. I hope they do get around to making a Halo 2 Anniversary that includes Halo 2's multiplayer with the glitches fixed. It would be a great decision; Halo 2 is second only to Halo 3 in terms of multiplayer in my view.
I'd hope for a remake but doubt there gonna have one. Was sad when the halo 2 vista servers went offline
I hope that if there is a HD remake, that it'll have a PC port. That would honestly be the greatest game of all time, in my opinion. As for Xbox, they wouldn't make a game like that and then release a new console. If they made one, its going to be on the new Xbox.
I think that there will be a Halo 2 HD remake, whether it's on Xbox 360 or the new console. It was a massive turning point for Bungie as a game developer and truly showed the world what online multiplayer could be like. The campaign was great too. They'll definitely remake it, I can bet on it.
I think Microsoft is done making games for the 360, even remixes or download only content. The focus is now on Xbox One (revealed today, May 21st, 2013). If you are going to get an HD remix of Halo 2, it will be fore the Xbox One, not the Xbox 360. I think there is enough of a fan following and love for that game that Microsoft would consider it. Halo Anniversary was a success and showed that there is money to be made by just taking a new Halo engine and redoing an old Halo game with it.
I hope they give Halo 2 the same treatment as Halo: Combat Evolved. It seems like a lot of big name games are being re-released in HD, and that's a good thing if you ask me. Halo 2 is probably the game I've replayed the most, and I've played a lot of games. I gave my copy away a long time ago when I sold my original Xbox, but I've been wanting to play the series from the beginning for a while now.

From a business standpoint, it would be a viable option that would likely make a good deal of money. Some people dismiss these kinds of re-releases as "double dipping," but I think that it's completely justified if there's enough demand from the fans. I still have the first level of the game more or less memorized from playing it so many times.
I think that if there's gonna be a Halo 2 anniversary, it'll be on the Xbox 360.

I mean, Halo CE was on the first Xbox and then they made an anniversary for it on the second Xbox, the 360.

So wouldn't there be a chance that Halo 2 which was also on the first Xbox would also have an anniversary made for it on the 360?
If there is a Halo 2 anniversary game, chances are that it will be for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. That's what they're doing with most of the main releases that are coming out in the next year or so, or at leas that's what they're saying. I won't expect anything in terms of a Halo 2 remake until they actually come out and announce it outright, though.
Well they need some incentive for the Xbox One. Having console exclusives not only makes people want to buy it over the PS4 but it also gives them reason to upgrade from their Xbox 360.
Twilight Princess was a HIGHLY anticipated Zelda game that launched for the Gamecube and the newly released Wii. Wii sold like hot cakes regardless of sharing a Zelda game with its predecessor.

Not saying that Halo 5 should be for both systems but I doubt it will hurt the Xbox One sales.
I doubt it would hurt sales, too. But any exclusives for the Xbox One (over the PS4 and Xbox 360) is going to offer incentive to buy the console. It's not like they need it, though, considering how many console pre-orders have been sold out already.
I remeber expecting a remake of Halo 2 (possibily in HD) to be in development at around the time when Halo: CE Anniversary was announced, but now I'm not so sure. Especially since Bungie has moved on with the next generation title "Destiny". If it does ever happen, it probably won't be anytime soon, but I would love to see it happen.

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