Do you like Free Games from Xbox Live?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
Right now the free game is BioShock: Infinite and it's about to switch tonight to a new game. This brings me to my question: Do any of you guys like the free games Xbox releases? I usually download them for my download history and cancel them before they are done if I don't plan on playing them, but I still get them regardless so Xbox can tag my account that I've bought them/got them. So I can re-download them at a later date.

So, anyone else like their models? I think PSN also does this but I can't be sure since I don't own a PS/PSN name.
Man, soo many free games have came and went. I love them. AC4 was the last best one IMO. Played it from start to finish at 100%. Nothing left to do but DLC. But I loved that they made it free and it was pirates and sailing. Who doesn't like to sail and pirates? COME ON now!
I still think getting two free games every month, even if they're subpar, is a nice bonus to having to spend 10 bucks every month for the service. And for some of the games (like AC4, or BioShock Infinite) you definitely got way more than 10 bucks back.
It's a great feature, for sure.
They offer some pretty meh games, but also some really good ones. Especially nice if you missed them back on release!
I do the same as you, though, always get them on my account, but only download if I'm planning on playing it sometime soon.

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