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Oct 24, 2014
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I really miss arcades. They used to be everywhere here in the city and now there's only one. There used to be one called Gameworks and it was located right across the street from the movie theater. It was the perfect Friday/Saturday night activity. Go to the movies early and spend the rest of the night at Gameworks, or vice versa. Now the movie theater itself had a few games, and GW has since closed, leaving us with no arcades.

Has anybody else's hometown gone through this? what was your favorite arcade/game?

I guess I'll have to start making more money and saving up so I can open one.
I have fond memories of them for sure, and while my mall has one with one of my favorites - Gauntlet Legends, I don't miss how widespread they were. Even when I was younger, the idea of paying per play wasn't really too appealing to me considering most of the games are designed to be extremely difficult to beat without coughing up a lot of quarters, which add up. They have their place, though; it's cool to put a few quarters in a Street Fighter II machine and make a friend angry at you.
Yes. I do miss then, when a quarter was actually a lot of money and four dollars meant I could stay out of my house for an extended period of time to avoid certain.. things.

From Gauntlet to the Original SF, I played most arcade games as they came out because I loved games since I was a kid.

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