Do you think they'll release outer planets?


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Jan 22, 2015
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They said they planned on releasing further out planets (Jupiter+) in later expansions. Which ones do you expect them to release?

I think Mercury will be first as they already have PVP maps on it and it was supposedly taken over by the vex and converted into a machine. I have a feeling the vault of glass isn't the last time we've seen them.

What about you?
All we have now is this:

I still keep hoping against all odds for a decent Destiny expansion that releases the outer planets. I saw their timetable release and they look to add some hardcore new content next September, marking their official one year launch with an explosive content update.
As of TRIALS OF OSIRIS (weekend PVP event from Friday-to Tuesday Reset every week now) since the release of HOUSE OF WOLVES, if you go 9-0 with NO recorded losses, you can get to go to a new social space called the "Lighthouse" which is on Mercury. You can see mercury show up as a selectable planet above the tower if you meet the prerequisites.

This is not a "Outer Planet" that I've been hoping for, but at least they're finally starting to put in locations you couldn't previously reach. I feel sometimes they chop the game into TOO Much DLC.

Edit: Hey I was right. Mercury was the first other planet revealed. I wish it was Jupiter+ though.
I would really hope so. The ability to explore was always the coolest thing I loved about this game, at release. Sure the boundaries kinda made me sad though. But the first time I stepped on the moon and looked up? Amg... sheer awe. The planets were beautifully detailed with scenery and the sky boxes were unlike any I have ever seen. I wish the planets were a little more open though. Less race-track path oriented and more, "I can do what I want" kind of thing. Sure I know the servers I guess would have to be able to compensate for it but come on... Planet Side? They know whats up, Destiny needs to get on board with that :p. Seeing someone's idea of what another planet looks like on the surface, something that you yourself may have bits and pieces of ideas but never able to see it fully put to life and BOOM, right in front of your eyes. There's a lot of gamer satisfaction and pure awe inspiring, to be had right there :)
Aye, Bungie has always had a thing for linear games and pathways. I'd really wish they'd sandbox it a bit more.

I'd love to see Jupiter, where the Jovians (Xur's Race) lives. I wonder what it looks like...

But Bungie has always been superb at background design (just look at the HALO in the HALO series - beautiful beyond compare. DESTINY feels much the same way, as the honest game trailers put it "It's the equivalent of a very expensive mansion filled with cheap IKEA furniture."

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