Does anyone else feel Ensemble should be reinstated for a sequel?


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Nov 5, 2012
Not many give Halo Wars much credit, but you won't find me among those people. It's not the best real time strategy game out there. But it sure enough is a good game. And I feel it's good enough to merit a sequel.

Anyone else think Microsoft closing Ensemble was a bad idea?
I won't say that closing ensemble was a bad idea, because as the rumors have gone it was re-formed into 343 Industries. However, Halo Wars is a great game and I wish that it hadn't been shut down and shoved out. Plans for a PC version and a sequel were on Ensemble's to-do list from what I've heard, but they have been hopelessly crushed by fate. Now we have Halo 4; be happy :)

Unfortunately, most of those people work for Zynga now, and who knows what the future holds for that company.
If most of those people now work at Zynga, then I truly feel for them. Because unless you're living under a rock, you know Zynga is starting to fade away into irrelevancy.

God willing, Ensemble makes it back, with hiring at least some of the former staff. But that's me wishful thinking.
I think that Ensemble will probably be reinstated with a new name due to the massive hits that were the Age of Empires series. And Halo Wars definitely merits a sequel, it was a brilliant game. The simple fact that it wasn't an FPS is what made people not like the game. Predominantly though, it was the game that provided me with many hours of procrastination.
I wouldn't use Age of Empires as a prequisite. Remember, Age of Empires was already well known and had multiple games out before they ever worked on Halo Wars. And the series was a hit before Halo Wars was even conceived.

And if people disliked it just because it wasn't the usual fps, then those people need to broaden their horizons a bit.
And if people disliked it just because it wasn't the usual fps, then those people need to broaden their horizons a bit.

I've encountered so many people who fail to love Halo Wars for this very reason. I've talked sense into many of them, and some of them have grown up and into the Civilization series. I think I actually only grew to love it because as a youngling I played command and conquer on the PS1; the good times, the good times.

Either way, I've still managed to insigate a few people on my friends list who will do me the ocassional favor and pop HW into their xbox. :rolleyes:

See, the close minded nature is what holds games back. Everyone likes to say it's the developers. But truth be told, it's the fans that are equally at fault. Fans are so unwilling to try new things. And as a result, things get boring because they never changed.
You can't close "people", just the company they work for and so the talent at Ensemble scrambled into new positions elsewhere and their creativity will still reach us, eventually. As for Microsoft, yes they made a mistake but that opinion only involves the artistic side of the equation. Microsoft was obviously looking at the long term business side of the deal and what do I care about that? I just want awesome games!
Everyone's here is aware you can't "close people". The thing being said is we wish that collection of people were never disbanded. I'm not sure if this was about looking at long term or not since as previously stated, they've had the Age of Empires series running for years and it was profitable.

I'm assuming it has more to do with resources at the given time.
crunchyg said:
Unfortunately, most of those people work for Zynga now, and who knows what the future holds for that company.
What happened to that company is that they got too focused on Facebook and so when Facebook games faded in popularity so did Zynga. I knew the writing was on the wall when they became a wall st listed company, shareholders are brutal in their expectations.
Hell, I wouldn't mind Ensemble Studios getting back together for the Age of Kings HD Remake.
While I can't elaborate on this too much, the ex-members of Ensemble moved on to other teams. I do believe Microsoft still has a partnership with some of these devs, but I'm not sure what projects they're working on at this point. Ultimately, even if they could be rounded up, I'm not sure there is enough demand for another Halo RTS. I'd say it's a longshot, but it could happen.
It was a fun game, but not enough to warrant a sequel. A lot of the developers have moved on already anyway. I'd like to see it, but it probably won't happen. But you never know, especially with a new Halo on the way.
It was alright, but not exactly world shattering, now was it? A nice little diversion from the main series, but nothing that was really going to change the game as it were
They obviously weren't making any money due to the games lack of popularity. No studio is going to be around forever in such circumstances, but unless the people decide to stop buying games altogether the industry will still be around working on other games, or forming new studios. Hopefully not as a "Conglomerate *Insert region here* studio that's forced to make shadows of great games and DS shovelware.

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