Does anyone here still play Halo 3 online?


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Nov 5, 2012
With Halo 4 officially out now and in the hands of millions, you can expect their servers to be brimming with activity. But what about the older games in the series.

For example, does anyone here still touch Halo 3 even though the next chapter is ready and available?
I have returned to halo 3 with my team for a couple of games but most playlists are deserted, it takes forever to find a game! Not to mention that the MLG playlist has an average of 0 players. I find it sad that everyone moved on so quickly, when I go from Halo 4 to Halo 3 my heart sinks a little bit; H3 is such a great game!

If it wasn't for the poor connection and the constant lag I wouldn't even have bothered to buy halo 4. In terms of online competitive play, halo 3 takes the cake over halo 4 any day. I'd be down to play a couple of MLG games if anyone here bothers to pop in the old disk ;)

I miss the pit, it was easily my favorite map to play and it's just not the same. I knew the angles on that map so well that I could close my eyes and know the distances between choke points... and which way I'd need to be facing when I got there. You just get a good feel for when the players you are up against aren't very good when they stand in places they shouldn't or run just to get to the next "somewhere". Manage the map = win! at least until the spawn got stupid and someone would spawn right behind you.
I should really get back into Halo 3. If I went back, I wouldn't spend my time in matchmaking like I used to. I'd probably find some friends and play the custom games we know and love. Custom games in Halo 3 were the greatest. The gameplay was perfect in terms of smoothness, functionality, and simplicity. Thanks for bringing this up. Maybe I could add some of you to our party. Winter break is coming soon. It's the perfect chance to relive the good old Halo 3 days. I could add you guys upon your permission. :D
I just started playing halo 3 online to be honest, I find it a lot better than Reach and Halo 4 but that is just in my personal opinion. :)
Halo 3 was one of the most competitive online games I have ever played. It required real skill and teamwork 24/7. One thing I have noticed in Halo Reach and Halo 4 is people are constantly using the Hologram and Jetpack. True, old school Halo fans know that Halo 3 took more talent and required you to constantly be on your A game.
I rocked Halo3 for a long, long time and I was ready for Halo4. You know you're ready for a new Halo version when you find yourself playing black ops more and more. Eeeeks!
I just fired up Halo 3 last night for the first time since Reach came out. It's such a pure arena shooter and maybe the last of its kind. Reach with the TU and Anniversary maps were ok but Halo 3 is the king. I second the Pit, best Halo map ever.
I still play every once and a while. Usually it happens when I watch montages on youtube. I get motivated to get really good clips after I watch all of those classic montages. Once I get on Halo, I experience how bad everyone is in social slayer. The clips I get in that playlist are not even worth putting in a montage. Then I go to Team Snipers to have a little more cometition and I cannot even find a game.
i'm the last halo 2 live player :/ its sad cause it was fun back then, now it a bunch of 14 yo who are life disabled and like to troll people who are life enabled.
I have been meaning to for some time now, but I just can't seem to fine the time. Something always seems to be getting in the way. But then when I try to hop online to play it, I get a lot of invites from my friends to go play something else like Call of Duty or Batttlefield. Maybe one of these days, hopefully before they take the servers offline like they did with Halo 2 (RIP)...
I still play a couple of games occasionally. I played some Social Slayer earlier today with a friend. Whenever I get tired of playing Halo 4, I switch back to Halo 3 so I can reminisce about previous times.
I really would like to pick up the game again sometime. Sadly I sold my Xbox 360 on Ebay. Good memories were made with that game... good memories.
I really would like to pick up the game again sometime. Sadly I sold my Xbox 360 on Ebay. Good memories were made with that game... good memories.
Why on earth would you sell your console like that!?
I haven't played in a long time either but I still do on occasion since I snagged HALO 3 when it was free on XBOX 360 LIVE. It's nice to jump back into the PVP aspect of it and not feel left behind too.

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