Favorite PVP Template?


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Jan 22, 2015
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Favorite PVP template are pretty self explanatory; from what class to use to how you set up your talent tree, what do you prefer to go into the Crucible as?

Explain it! Even pictures could help, too.

I like to PVP on my GG Hunter, due to their agility and you really don't need to fly/glide a lot on PVP maps, so triple jump is quick enough to make you dodge people.

What's yours?
Lately, I've been using Self-Rez Warlocks, fully kitted with Scorch melee proccing Flameshield and wearing the x2 melee gloves (Claws of Ahmkara) and going smack-happy, and then using gift of the sun for an extra grenade and double fusion-grenading people back to back. Even got hate messages "CANT YOU DO ANYTHING BUT CHUCK GRENADES" LOL. Nope. Sorry.
For Trials of Osiris, the new PVP mode where you need to live - Defender Titans are the way to go. Save your super for round 4 or heavy round, and drop it on your heavy. Wait for them to grab theirs and come to you and watch them fruitlessly try to murder you while you dance inside the bubble. They come running in because they got angry? Shotguns to the facehole.


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