Favorite Reach Online Level?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
I can't really recall individual names as it's been awhile, but most of the map was open (sniper paradise) but had multiple small bases you could find guns and ammo in. It also had the pit in the center area with staircases around it. It was so much fun. I must have played on that map for a good solid four hours with friends one LAN night.

What was yours?
Forge world is a given for me, I've spent hundreds of hours in Forge World. I also really enjoy some other maps too, like the one...It's been a while for me as well (this forum seems a little dead to be honest), but I particularly enjoyed the first Invasion map as well as the water station one which had a cylindrical layout.

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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess