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Nov 5, 2012
Hey guys, I was wondering what your favourite CE level was, from the campaign!

I'd have to go ahead and say mine would be a tie between The Silent Cartographer and Assault on the Control Room.

I love the Cartographer; it is such a good level, driving round a desert island, blasting Jackals in the face and getting demolished by Hunters. The only part that annoyed me was the part where you go into the first structure and I attempted to get my Warthog through the door which explodes - you get my drift.

On the other hand, Assault on the Control Room had so many secrets I could play around with, like the secret Banshee you shoot down with the rocket launcher, or even just staying on the Pelican at the beginning of the level and being driven to your death.

AOTCR kinda reminds me of Halo 3's final level too ;D!

So go ahead guys, tell me what your favourite CE level was and why!
I'd have to say I liked them all but I played the original Bungie version, not the remade 343 version they released last year. I played split screen with my buddy and we liked to get the other killed if I remember correctly. So many things in the Bungie version have found their way into other games, it was epic at the time.
I agree. I played the original Bungie version, it was simply a great game. I've never played Halo: Anniversary but I'd love to go through the campaign with better graphics to see what's different. Plus, I'd be killed by the nostalgia.
Anniversarry's graphics are remarkably much better than CE and it's really fun to play. I will say though, not much has changed about the game's physics or levels.I think they kept most of the original stuff under the hood. Either way, it was amazingly fun to play. I think you should look into it.
I'm thinking about it, but most shops still sell it for a large amount of money for it being relatively 'new'. I probably will get it soon, I'm after a job at the minute so it'll be taking a long while.
It feels like everyone is after a job or is worried theirs might get cut next, good luck with that GingerWriter.

As for the cost of the game you can scan ebay for low price auctions and they pop up every other day or so as people are upgrading but choosing just to sell or exchange old titles instead of pay full price.
As far as remakes go, Halo Anniversary is remarkably well done. 347 accomplished exactly what so many developers have failed to do with other games--they overhauled the graphics and brought Halo CE completely into the new generation without ruining the physics or the gameplay at all. That's very hard to do. If you look at other remakes 3D or 2D remakes or older games (take Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, for example), you will see that even though the graphics are HD, the gameplay still feels different from the old games (not to mention they didn't include the best version of the soundtrack).
I don't think I could pick just one level as my favorite. However this game has my favorite first level of the entire series. I love how it wasn't like a regular tutorial level, like most games are nowadays. I always feel like I'm just playing a demo rather than the actual game.
My favorite level would be Two Betrayals. The dialogue between Cortana and the 343 Guilty Spark was pretty satisfying.
I don't recall the name of the level, but the first couple of levels with the Flood were always my favorites. I remember when I first played the game, I had a lot of trouble with the Flood to the point where I'd rage quit often. But after a while, they were downright trivial, and I found those levels very enjoyable.
Hmm. I'd have to say that my favorite level in the game was the Truth and Reconciliation. I loved how the begeining of it started as a stealthy element with that smooth basstastic song playing in the background. But once you ride the gravity lift up into the ship, it starts to become one frenzied firefight after another.
That very first level. Well, technically the first and the second I suppose. The introduction to the Halo universe was amazing, and having to fight your way through that claustrophobic ship was the best introduction we've had to a game in a long time. Then of course, you have the freedom of the second level, after your crash landing.
TheGingerWriter said:
I love the Cartographer...the door which explodes...
I don't remember a door exploding in The Silent Cartographer. It has a door that slides open to reveal an elite holding a sword if you shut down the security system.

My favorite level in multiplayer is Carousel because of its layout. Hang 'em High is also fun, depending upon the players. I like Put Put also, even though it is not popular. Longest can get pretty crazy with 16 players!

My favorite level in single player is probably the last level, since you get to face all the types of AI at the same time: covenant, sentinels and flood.
My favorite PVE level was definitely the MAW, driving that Warthog through all that destruction like WHEEEEEEEeeeee is so fun, every time.

The best PVP map though is Sidewinder Imo. Just large enough to look around an hunt for people with just enough tunnels between both sides.

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