Fondest memories of playing Halo


Nov 27, 2012
What are your fondest memories of playing Halo?
Mine is since I was young my aunt baby sat me during the summers and me and my cousin would go over his friend's house every day and play Halo non-stop. It is probably one of the main reasons I am such a huge gamer and Halo fan today. We used to make up our own gametypes with multiplayer and campaign and used to score each other and rank each other.
My fondest memories playing it are mostly during the holidays when my family was sort of far away from each other. We had a tradition to get together on Halo and game all day every year.
For me it was playing online with friends for the first time. There was online gaming before Halo, but once you discover Xbox Live for yourself, there is no comparison with other online networks.
Going to throw this out there because I remember this almost perfect,

I was playing Halo 2 in my basement, Super bouncing on Sanctuary... doing my own thing outside the map trying to get on the pillars. My couch cushion next to me sank in as if someone had just sat beside me. I was petrified lol, could not move. I remember the 2 people perfectly in the game with me when this happened and after the cushion popped back up I was able to talk and tell them.

Might be a little off topic but still my fondest memory while I was playing halo Lol.
My favorite memory of paying Halo was when I was getting pretty good in Multiplayer, I wasn't dying nearly as often anymore and my K/D ratio crept up to 2 kills per death. I had been playing for a couple hours and decided to get up for a drink only to find out I was drenched in sweat and you could see my bum outline on the leather couch. Pretty intensive action I'd say :)
First time I played the library, it was around midnight and I was playing with a friend on legendary
Playing Halo 3 multiplayer with my friends. The interaction, the challenge, and the fact that Halo 3 is one of the finest examples of balancing fun and multiplayer balance made it something I could never forget. As for more lonesome experiences, Halo: CE wins in that department. The sense of wonder I got from CE was awe-inspiring, and I had never played an FPS quite like it prior.
Pretty much the whole game, for me. However, if I had to choose a specific memory, then it was the moments then I finished The Maw as well as the following scenes. Just the view of the giant ring tearing itself apart with the epic music in the background, really moved me.
Playing Halo 2 with friends from school was my most fondest memory. We would stay up late night on multiplayer just messing around. I don't other game has come up to par in terms of the fun I had.
All those hours and days I spent trying to beat it on Legendary, only to finally manage it. That gloriously incandescent.
Playing parties with my friends all lanned together. Drinking and getting wasted and playing slayers on sidewinder and blood gulch.

Oh the good times. So many custom game types.

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