Games you've heard of but never tried?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
This is about games you've heard of, but never had to chance to try due to some various reasons or another. What is the game? What is the reason?

Mine is most of the Battlefield and CoD games. I was too into MMORPGS online and then RPGS in single player, that the first real FPS's I played were the Halo series. I was into halo and RPGs and most of my friends were into the shooter aspects of most games. I saw them play them; the classes and preferences looked sweet. However, I just can't bring myself to fight in Modern times (not the future, like Halo). How about you?
I have never tried World of Warcraft. There was so much hype for it back then but I couldn't afford to play it.
It was worth the money for the first while it was out, and as the trend is with most games the expansions/added content just added way too much and bogged down the game with too much to do (yeah, I know TOO MUCH TO DO, not something you hear often) but when a game goes every which way trying to please it's customers, I know what that's like.

Another one I'd like to try would be the WITCHER series, I keep hearing not-so-nice things about game 1, and how game 2 was a nice pick up, and how game 3 is godlike. I'm curious.

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