Halo 2: The End


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Dec 8, 2012
How much time did it take you guys to finish the whole game? I git it on a Saturday morning. It was school break at that time. I installed and started playing and got so engrossed that I left both lunch and dinner. I played on till 11 in the night and stopped only when my Mom pulled the plug.
I started out the other day and kept at it till the afternoon. I think I was halfway through it by then.
We left for my Grandma's after that and I got to complete it only when I came back after a week or so.
If I remember correctly, it took me about 2 days to beat the game start to finish. Of course, barring any sort of eating or bathroom breaks. But I was in High school at the time so my memory could be off.
I had the game beat within the first 72 hours as well but i didn't play straight through. True story, one college kid in Minnesota skipped classes for a day just to play at his fathers house and he didn't get off the couch for 11 hours straight. When he finaly got up to go to the washroom he suffered a stroke, a clot in his leg from sitting for so long worked its way into his lungs and he died. Crazy isn't it? 1-2 hours at a time tops, get up and walk around after that.
The first campaighn run was with my brother and we started on a school night playing on Heroic. We had quite a few ups and downs but we eventually were able to finish it at around the following weekend. So about a week's time, considering we were not able to play it as nearly as we would have liked to be able to.
My first play through took roughly a week, but that was due to the fact that I couldn't play as much as I wanted to. Now, when I've got the time that is, I've got it down to a fine art, and can do it in a few hours at worst.
It took me roughly four days to beat it, playing on and off. Bungie was never known for their content being lengthy, just difficult in spots (especially on Legendary!) but like the aforementioned posters I may have been remembering wrongly, with no bathroom breaks. lol.,
From what I remember I beat it within the first day i bought it, though i stayed up til about 3am. Probably took me about 8-10 hours or so. I haven't played it for a long while, I think I might have to fire it up again just for old times sake and see how long it would take me now.

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