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Nov 5, 2012
The storyline of the Halo series, excluded the off-shoots such as Reach and ODST, has simply been about Master Chief discovering the rings, fighting the Covenant, and then trying to stop the rings being set off by The Covenant while also converting the Arbiter to his cause.

They succeed in Halo 3 and the war is ended and the rings were finished.

So, how can the storyline take a different angle? Surely the series shouldn't be called 'Halo' if the story completely changes.

Tell me what you guys think the storyline will now encompass!
For starters Master Chief is going to be playable and that's just cool! Secondly they are introducing a new forerunner planet, Requiem, and apparently Cortana has become insane. They announced that the Halo series will move away from the first person shooter that it has always been and become more of a mysterious exploration type of game where you immerse yourself in what's going on around you.

Also, the Halo 4 storyline is designed to be a Trillogy with Halo 4 setting the stage for Halo 5 mayhem and ultimately fighting for peace again in Halo 6. Whatever twists and turns the plot may take it's apparent that Halo is alive and well, now pick up a BR, soldier, and join me online!
It is still called Halo because in 1,2,3 the rings were forerunner in design and in 4,5,6 you are with forerunners. 1,2,3 was the ring trilogy 4,5,6 is the forerunner
I really like where the story is going. I'm waiting to play through with a friend, but from what I've seen--humanity being called the new 'giant'--I can only guess that the Humans are going to be less desperate and more extravagent in how they attack. Assuming, of course, that the nice big fleet of UNSC vessels is going to go kick some covenant hide.

About the name, things need a title; a brand per-say. Halo has become the game of, yes the halo trilogy, but it's mostly known for letting you run around as an invinceable supersoldier who brings chaos, death, and giant explosions wherever he goes. I think that as long as they keep true to the Halo gameplay and style, any title--Halo rings or not--can properly be fit into the brand.

Each of you have very good points. I can't wait to grab a copy of the game and see how they've taken the series; a lot of people are saying the game is absolutely fantastic, and if it is, I won't be leaving my house for the best part of six months, haha!

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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
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