Honor in Multiplayer?


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Oct 11, 2013
I've never really been a believer in playing with certain strategies and things you shouldn't do because they're "cheap" "jerk moves". I've had people yell at me for using certain grenades, weapons, and apparently tea bagging is off limits. Personally, I think it's hilarious even when it's done to me. My point is, I've always been a pretty big noob with how I fight. But I was wondering, what do you guys think? So long as you're doing well and the strategy is working, does your technique really matter that much?
People have hated "cheap" techniques since the beginning of time, especially in competitive gaming. Guys who used to use the same move over and over in Street Fighter got a lot of flak in the arcades.

But on Xbox Live, you can't really enforce these rules. There is no honor on a network filled with 10 year olds, and you can't expect people to behave a certain way just because you think your way of playing is more "honorable" than theirs.

Unless you're a part of a clan, which is a different story.
People on Halo 4 are touchy because of all the new stuff them deem not worthy of Halo. Sniping when invisible. Camping, promethean vision, jetpacks and spawning with a shotgun loadout (Boltshot). There is a lot to be learned from the current online population. People bought the game and stopped playing it. Hopefully Halo 5 gives players a classic Halo ranked experience where all this is impossible.
Cheap moves are called cheap for a reason.

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