How did you spend your Aetheric Light?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
After earning this precious resource to max out your weapons and gear how did YOU personally spend them?

I took all my Vault of Glass stuff up first since literally the VOG gear/weapons are still considered top tier to this day, even from launch of the game. Goes to show you how well the VOG was coded.
Also - you can obtain these from Variks in the Reef after Rank 3 from packages, very rarely from reward packages from Petra for blue wolve bounties, and from completing the Prison of Elders on random difficulties each week. There's multiple ways to earn them, so just don't grind one way!
Also if you play Iron Banner, there's one at rank 3 and rank 5 respectively, if you rank up. 5k Glimmer per. But I grab 6 each time IB is around (2 for each char grinding).

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