How do you find people to play online with?


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Nov 2, 2012
Do you rely on Xbox Live to match you up with gaming buddies, check charts, or find someone through online communities etc?

Most of my Xbox Live friends are kids from school, but I heard there were huge clan-building communities online for Halo and other shooter games.
Honestly, I only play online with the people I really know in terms of co op play or games were there are teams involved. Not to sound anti social, but I dislike many of the people on live. So I tend to stick with friends and family.
In the beginning, one other actually got me hooked on Xbox. He was the one I hung out with the most. Beyond that, I looked for decent people in the Halo 3 matchmaking lobbies. Once in Halo Wars, I congratulated someone for kicking my tail so thoroughly with his ODST troopas. We later became friends and I met up with his whole pal base who quickly became some of my best friends on LIVE. Overall, I'll join into random of random parties from time to time and I'll save the nicer people on my friends list. I do utilize matchmaking to find such people, but only when I am alone-erm, don't have people in my party already.

I really wish my friend list was bigger, and told me who had GOLD still.
No actually, you should be happy your friend list is short and sweet. It gave you the time to get to know them properly. Too many people like to treat PSN and Live friendlists as if they were a social network and fill up their list, just to say they did.
I used to have a team on Halo 3 so we usually play together on Halo 4. We might even continue some gamebattles on H4. When they are not online I have a couple of decent players on my friends list.

After playing a couple of games I look back to see who I had the best chemistry with and add them and run with them. If it works out I add them as a friend and we keep in touch, inviting each other to games when were missing players, Generally though I play with people from my neighbourhood so I can always call them and ask them when they are getting on, this allows me to get my work done and get on when they decide to play.
The best way, in my opinion, is to get invited by continually playing well enough to get noticed. It doesn't hurt if you create a personality outside of the game too, a youtube channel or cool blog for example, and it certainly doesn't hurt if you have a cool gamer tag. Nobody wants to play with someone called IsUcKbUtIdOnTcArE
Everyone I used to play with no longer plays.. I haven't played in a long time, myself. I wouldn't mind hooking up with a clan, just gotta start playing again so I don't completely suck haha Also I think it would be awesome to have a RvB clan.. My spartan looks like Agent Washington already.
I locate people I want to play with by going into matches and rolling face. If there is someone better then me comes around and we have a go between I send them a message. I like good competition, it can breed awesome friendships. And I know I want someone better than me protecting my back so I don't gotta worry.
Like minded people on forums. and the likes. It's pretty simple, and I also add whoever I think added to a match experience if I had fun with them. Rare, though. Not many people play with mics.

also on Xbox Live.

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