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Dec 31, 2012
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the fastest way you can get better at halo is to check out my youtube channel. my channels name is owlfreelancer. i do amazing commentaries and gameplays and if you want to up your gameplay to the next level this is an opportunity you can't miss
Since I started playing Halo I have constantly wanted to get better. I have read articles, watched videos, watched the MLG tournaments talked to my friends about it. However the best way in my opinion is to play consistently.

I would also recommend playing in the MLG or Slayer Pro playlists. Get good with the main weapons, or the weapons you spawn with. Once you have mastered those weapons you can move on, clearly you don't always have rockets -besides they aren't really hard to use.

Though you have good videos, and people may learn some tricks their skill will not increase for say with a specific weapon and in the end that's what differentiates a good from a bad player.
no offense but I would put money down that you are only good against bad kids....

Best way to get better at halo is to play the campaigns and learn to shoot, or play other FPS games and get the basics......

playing bad kids will make you `think`you are good but in reality your most likely a bad kid to the all us
If you want to get good at Halo in general I wouldn't start with Halo 4. Halo 4 has the heaviest amount of aim assist etc. Ironically the hardest MP Halo was the first one. The next best would be Halo 3 or Halo 2 Vista. The Halo Reach Anniversary playlist was good because it knocks out the AA's and the pistol is decent.

Headshots are key to Halo so when you get comfortable play some Swat. There is no longer a Slayer Pro in Halo 4, it was removed.
I have played halo since 2001, any skill i have at halo came from years of playing the game
The best tip I can give you to help improve your results, besides to practice a lot, is to get used to watching where you go and where you don't go. By that I mean you always want to be in a position that will give you an edge when it comes time to lay down some metal. If you think you're about to lose then having something to step behind is a life saver. It's not always best to keep rushing in, it's far better to learn where the spawn points are and to patrol a small section of the map.
The first thing you need to learn about Halo (especially teams) is communication. The second thing I always tell new players is be more aware of how much you die. I see a lot of player get tons of kills but they die an equal amount of times. Especially in Halo 4 because there are no ranks.

Keep your reticle eye level and learn how to move. Try to avoid death more than racking kills because you can still be a great complimentary player if you are contributing and not getting killed so much. To many players rush in and that always means death. Follow a teammate and back him up. When you have played with or against a great player go and watch the theater to see how they moved/escaped etc.
You're only as good as your teams weakest link.

When I play with my regular team I don't have to watch my back as often, I can focus on specific areas of the map and don't have to constantly be turning around to watch all directions. When the team starts to gel it's so much easier to rack up the kill count.
BigBigFan said:
You're only as good as your teams weakest link.
QFT. Similar to sports, a really great lone wolf can't win a game alone. This is separate from improving as an individual, but teamwork is crucial in competitive Halo.

Since the OP wasn't really asking this question, I'll just throw in some tips for players who really are wondering.

Precision weapons dominate in Halo; only power weapons can trump them. Find which one suits you best; the DMR suits most situations the best, but I use the BR the most. Headshots instantly kill when the shields are down, so watch for that pop, and go for the head. This is why I like the BR; it's very easy to nail that headshot at mid-range with it due to the burst fire.

Think strategically; try to use combinations such as a grenade to pop shields followed by a headshot with a precision weapon. Mind the maps, and use what's appropriate for each niche.

If you find yourself dying in a similar fashion a lot, learn from your mistakes. Strategies that work on lesser-skilled players might not work on others, and if you're dying to the same sniper many times consecutively, try another route to flank him.

Pick your battles; if you're getting plinked down from afar, run for cover. This can apply to closer engagements as well, and you want to be wily if someone gets the jump on you. This ties in with minding the maps, and if you're know exactly where you're at and what your options are, you can turn the fight around. Here's a scenario: somebody is trailing you on Haven; they have your health low and you haven't even hurt them. You're close to the elbow, and you sprint up it, throw a 'nade that pops the pursuer's shields, then quickly kill them with a headshot.
Well this is gonna be long...

To get better at the game, you have to understand everything that's going on. You don't just wake up one day and your the best at halo.You have to be good at all aspects of the game, from timing power weapons to playing your advantages with the BR. To map awarness to map control. This takes years to become a expert at and honestly thiese are my suggestion's besides that poster's bullshit youtube post. Sorry for swearing

-Watch Your Footage (1-2 hours a night)
This way you can see what your weakness and strengths are. Everyone started somewhere and the hardest thing is criticing yourself but the more you watch your footage and what's going on. The more you will realize what's happening in the game
-Work on communication
Even when you don't have anyone to play with, callout with mute teammates! Communication is a huge skill to have!
This isn't a out BR/DMR contest. yeah its nice to do that but the reality is a good player doesn't get into 1 on 1 battles he gets the opposing player weak and has his team mate clean them up. Practice running in 2s and good bait and switch techniques!
Be AWARE of what's going on. Look around you check the corners, explore the map in forge see what spots the enemy team will come from if your at one spot.
-Map Movement
Every wonder how not to get sniped? Great player's take key routes to making sure they are hard target to hit. Practice this and watch pro's. The way's they move around the map

There's so much more to this game than meets the eye. And these are just a few tips ill give you. Practice on one of these things for a week at a time and watch yourself progress there's nothing better than seeing progress!
Pfftt.. please.

Play Halo 2 campaign on Legendary difficulty if you want to be good at Halo. H2 Sniper Jackals still give me nightmares.
Watching a youtube channel is not going to make you much better at playing Halo. The only way to get better is by playing. You should spend a little time finding the best guns and learning the maps. After that, just practice shooting people in the face. As you do it more and more, you get better and better. It just becomes instinct that you see someone and you aim perfectly for their face. As you play more and more, adjust the sensitivity to higher levels so that you can move and react faster. People used to host lobbies for headshots only, which can help. I'm sure playing campaign on Legendary at least makes you more aware of your body positioning.
I think the bottom line is that different strategies work for different people. The first Halo game that I ever played online was Halo 2, and it was some of the best fun I've ever had. On top of that, it helped me improve my single-player skills considerably. My recommendation is simply to jump into the game and start playing, and you'll figure out what works and what doesn't. The other thing is to not get discouraged by doing poorly, since everyone has to start somewhere. I personally prefer team deathmatch as a tool for sharpening my skills, because that way you can follow your teammates' lead if necessary. Before long, you may be leading others who are in the same place you used to be.
No amount of watching will make you better at what you do - killing. You have to actively run, feel the maps out, play with each individual weapon - find your loadout. The one that suits YOU the best, not anyone else. Is it inverted controls? Cool. Is it weapons people consider niche? Fine. It doesn't matter. Find it, and practice with it until the skills and habits become second nature.

Then, if you're not already good at shooting, practice shooting running enemies in Legendary mode - it teaches you to never stay stationary, move move move - keep up the pace, strafe strafe strafe.
Play, play, play. Master the act of map control and know where the power weapons are. When there are head shot-based weapons, practice landing your shots no matter what. Every little hit to their shields counts.
Playing SWAT is a really good way to practice getting headshots now that I think back on it. I remember playing a lot of SWAT on that one swordbase map.

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