How long would it take to finish all Halo Reach achievements?


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Nov 3, 2012
I'm going to do it, I own Halo Reach and have done a lot of the achieves already but was wondering how much time it would take to actually try and finish all achievements? I'd say I have about 65% of them left and my KD ratio is in the mid 3's vs other players. I'm not into the scenarios as much which is why I ask. any idea?
It really depends on how you'd go about it; would you passively gain achievements, like me, or just work towards each achievement?

Also, it can be difficult to attain some achievements, but if you put all your effort into it, and knew exactly what you'd have to do for each one, it wouldn't be unrealistic to gain every achievement within a week.

Obviously, you'll have to do some online research and find out which achievements have what criteria etc. and maybe even get a few walkthroughs, but it shouldn't be too hard.
I've been picking up achievements passively but some of the better ones require that you do something you normally wouldn't think of trying. I think I'm going to try and figure out which are the hardest and work my way downwards from there, hopefully picking up some easy ones in the process.
Yeah, that could be a good option, especially if you pick out the easy ones while going for the hard ones. Just thought I'd say good luck and I hope that you do well!
I haven't even tried to get them all yet. The online MP acheivements have always been my weakness and I really don't like picking them all out...
There were a few games that I got all of them in though; Halo Wars and ODST.

Either way, I still haven't finished Halo 3 or Reach. I doubt if I'll try for all the Halo 4 acheivements for a good long while.

And another thing, I dislike using guides. They spoil the fun for me.

Are you going for all the map pack achievements as well? I know the Halo anniversary added a bunch. I think the total Reach achievements is around 1750 or something now. Its the MP ones that are the hardest (except for that one where you need to fall on to an Elite and assassinate him without dying). Its not impossible but it is very time consuming.
Man, it usually takes me a long time to accomplish goals like these because I check every nook and cranny, even if you don't get any points or achievements for that. I remember playing the SNES Zelda to get "everything," and watching me play was driving my friends nuts. :)
Honestly, for me, it would FOREVER.

I've come to accept the realization and fact that I'm simply just not good enough to actually get all the achievements for the game. To my credit, I did stick with it for awhile. But the game has beaten me, not me beating the game.
I think something like 4 months if you really tried whenever you had free time. At least, that would be my case.
There are a lot of very time consuming achievements, many of which consist of finding a good team to play with.
The feat, as undesirable and ambitious as it seems, wouldn't be impossible.
It really depends on your skills. Some achievements are really challenging, and could take weeks to accomplish, but if you're a skilled player, you could finish it in no time.
Thanks guys, since I've officially retired from Halo Reach I guess I'll never find out for sure. It's sad to move on but there are much better games, even Halo 4 is better, and so it makes no sense to try and finish this up, ya know?
The retail achievements didn't take me long; I had them about a week after release. The extra achievements are a different story, and I thought Bungie would have learned from Halo 3 that luck-oriented multiplayer achievements aren't good. If you're lucky, you can get them in a week or less, but they could take much longer if you're like me. I got all of the Halo 3 achievements, and after that, I vowed to not even bother with these kinds of achievements.
I don't think anyone can really set an amount of time it takes. If I was going through them again, I would say try the hardest ones first. By doing the hard ones first, the medium difficult ones become much more easier. Hope the advice helps!
Including the DLC achievements? A long-ass time I would say.

If not for those damned DLC achievements, I would have the game 100% completed.
I like to get achievements but I'm not really a perfectionist. I've only gotten 100% on one game, and that was Lego Harry Potter so it doesn't really count. I would say 90% of my achievements are ones I got without consciously trying to, now that I think about it. That said, once you have a good idea of what the achievements are and how to do them, it's just a matter of pulling them off. I usually look at people's videos online to see how best to go about it.

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