I can't believe this game is almost here!


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Nov 2, 2012
Only 3 days to go, holy cow, I have waited too long for this game. My friends and I have been talking about Halo 4 ever since we found out it was assigned to 343 Industries. All of my friends from school have November 6 marked down, this is going to be an awesome time all the way through Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!
I wonder how many kids will miss school on launch day, I bet it's a lot. Youtube is going to explode with game content too, it's going to be tough to try and decide between playing and watching to pick up tips for a while. Good times!
I wish I could get it on launch date, but I don't have the cash! D:

I do love Halo, and this game will no doubt be f***in' awesome, I just hope I can get it as soon as I can.

Only eleven hours!!!!
If you can't buy the game just yet TGW start sweet talking a friend who will. Not many games are as fun when playing with friends as Halo is. It's like the old LAN parties we threw on the weekends, the more people playing in the same house the more fun it got.

Gee, I haven't set a data and time to have friends come over specifically to tear it up online in a while, guess what I'm off to do right now? :)
Actually, BigBigFan, that sounds like a great idea haha! I know plenty of friends who actually went to the midnight release and bought it last night, and I'm gutted that I couldn't join them, but oh well! I have to say, I'm excited for it.

I still have Reach to play, so that's good, and I'll probably grab Halo 4 in a couple of weeks when I start my new job.

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Ooops I did it again.
Please don't tell me I'm in a Ghost Town :(
So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess