I'm not going to buy the xbox720, are you?


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Nov 3, 2012
News is being released about the xbox720(if that will be it's final name) and it's not good news for casual gamers. The system will require an "always on" interenet connection.

That's not good because it means all new games will come with a code that the original buyer has to enter to make sure the game only works for them so you will no longer be able to sell your games or trade them in when you're done and, more importantly, you will no longer be able to buy used games.

They want you to pay the full retail price or not play at all.

Forget that noise, not to mention they want to track people via a console that will not be able to disconnect from the net without literaly yanking the cord and shutting off the wi-fi. If your neighbors wi-fi is on the console will still connect and send them info, through that connection?

Wow- BIG MISTAKE, It's on my DO NOT BUY list for sure. I already hate paying for an xbox live membership when I already pay for interent anyway.
Definitely won't be buying it either, as you mentioned there is no point. Usually when you create a new console you add new features and make it appealing to the public and convince them that it's worth the money. The message I am getting from the xBox720 is restrictions and having to pay more.

The fact that you absolutely need to buy new games is unreal. I have never seen that before and I am convinced it's going to cost Microsoft a lot of money in the future, I don't see the general gamer going forward with this plan. I guess it's the end of xBox for me...
It's a little to early to tell but seeing the PS4 announcement put the 720 in second place right away. If they cart out the Kinect 2 to go up against that monster PS4 they are dead. Not to mention the main title I enjoy is Halo but I am not really happy with the direction they seem to want to take with it.
I have to say, it would be a shame if Microsoft were to do this with their new console. The Playstation 4 is confirmed to allow used games, so I'll most definitely be going with Sony if it's true. They've already given me plenty of reasons to jump ship: free PSN, Destiny going multiplatform, Diablo III (I can't afford a nice gaming rig), and a neat new cloud service, assuming they deliver. I'm waiting for Microsoft to officially unveil their console, but I'm not liking the rumors about it, and I will surely not be buying it if this particular rumor is true.
Sure we have to pay to play online but its 10X better than that shitty online multiplayer system PS3 has. I expect both Xbox 720 and PS4 to step it up big time in that department. Hell, I may buy both!
It's not a matter of pay 2 play its a matter of the used games and a always on connection requirement
I probably won't buy it until the next Halo game. Until then, I have a high end PC to fall back on.
I'll be buying the new PS4, I'm going to miss the Halo franchise but it's losing that feeling of wholeness for me.
If you haven't heard yet, always-on connection is no longer a part of the Xbox One. They removed that.

And I'm actually only getting this console because of Halo 5.
It sounds as though Microsoft is backing off some of these claims. I will be interested to see what they ultimately roll out on the release date. It also seems to me like they are strongly emphasizing that it is an entertainment device more than a game console, which may dissuade some of the more serious gamers.
Now that the have done a complete 180 for their system, they look like holy saints for listening to the community and reversing all the intrusive and ridiculous policies. I for one have already pre-ordered both XBox One and PS4 in the grand scheme of things.

Ar you guys willing to give this console a chance now?
Zandril said:
If you haven't heard yet, always-on connection is no longer a part of the Xbox One. They removed that.

And I'm actually only getting this console because of Halo 5.
I'm pretty sure they put it back in. They're only now allowing you to have the Xbone without the Kinect.

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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess