Is Halo: Reach the final arena shooter in the Halo franchise?


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Feb 27, 2013
Supposing that 343 continues the trend set in Halo 4 with loadouts, perks, ordnance drops, etc, is Halo: Reach the last of the Halo arena shooters? I've seen this frequently said, and I agree to an extent. Halo 4 is a bit of a hybrid; it has many conventions of the military shooters, but still some remnant of the classic Halo arena-esque gameplay. What do you think, HF community?
Sure I think Halo Reach wasn't a pure arena style halo. Halo 4 improved upon what bungie had made. Loadouts and Armor Abilities already took away that pure arena element. 343i took something the majority of the universe liked and tweaked it with some additions.

So really halo 3 was the last Arena Halo
I think you're right; Reach wasn't even a true-to-form arena shooter. I think the main thing to consider is: even without being able to classify Halo as an arena-shooter, does it still largely feel like it once did, albeit with some tweaks? For me, the answer is yes, so playing with labels isn't too useful, but I brought this conversation up because I see many longtime Halo fans mourn the fact that Halo is no longer an arena-style shooter.
I agree with you. Not that I dont enjoy Halo 4, Halo Reach will always be a special game. I hope they make Halo 5 like Reach and nothing like Halo 4

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