Looking for help: Need support for my Nook e-reader and tablet

Mr. Bookworm

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Apr 13, 2013
I am using Barnes & Noble Nook for reading ebooks (I compared it with the Amazon Kindle and chose the Nook because of its more open nature) and am looking for a good place to learn tips and tricks about the device.

I am interested in rooting the Nook and general hacking stuff and would also like to connect with other people in the B&N Nook community and book readers generally. I also have the Nook HD tablet, so it would also be good to learn about good apps for it.

Youtube, man. I'm more of an Apple guy and I've learned all my tricks from just browsing google and youtube.
I have both a Kindle and a Nook HD. There used to be a site called Nook Boards, but it's gone downhill in recent years. There are a few other sites where you can find support for Nook tablets and readers. First, there's the official Barnes & Nobles support site and also unofficial sites, where you can get Nook help. There are also a bunch of forums dedicated to Android devices and e-readers generally.

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