Spartan Ops vs Firefight


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Feb 27, 2013
Which do you think is superior? Personally, I like Spartan Ops a bit more. While Firefight has a plethora of options to add to variety, Sparan Ops consistently adds new content to keep things fresh, and actually has ties to the story. Furthermore, I really like the new cutscenes Spartan Ops adds, and they're perhaps my favorite aspect of the whole thing; they're the big payoff, if you will.
Spartan Ops is cool with the extra story but Firefight is better.

In Firefight, you really need to take surviving into account and this creates some intense and fun moments.

In Spartan Ops, you can just run around shooting not worrying about checkpoints and the number of lives you have.
I think both are great, but Spartan Ops generally feels fresher. That isn't going to appeal to everyone, though, since a firefight is a firefight. Whenever I pick up a new game with online multiplayer, the first thing I usually do is play team deathmatch or its equivalent. I know that it will feel familiar even if I haven't played the game that much overall. There's really no confusing the dynamics of a traditional-style game, but it can become repetitive after a while. That said, I generally prefer firefight because of its familiarity, but not necessarily because it's better.
I love Firefight! Spartan Ops I've barely tried, to be honest, and while I've enjoyed it, I'm very much into Firefight.
To me, it's a Halo mode sorta trying to do what Killing Floor does, and I love me some Killing Floor. It's a really good mode, a blast to play with friends!
Firefight has more teamwork and isn't ruined by other people knowing the mission. And the firefight voices made it a lot more fun.

My experience with Spartan Ops is that if you don't get into ALL of the missions the day they release (and sometimes even if you do) then the majority of your team will just rush the objectives and kill whatever story progression or level pacing there is. And they're always the same scripted experience, so replaying them to catch up on that story and pacing isn't fun.

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