Taken King will Feature new EXOTIC CLASS PIECES and EMBLEMS!


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Jan 22, 2015
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In light of BUNGIE Day and the release of the taken king on September 9th, there is a new "Year one" EXOTIC EMBLEM for mini-achievements. Not only that, new shaders, new exotic CLASS specific items (Titan Mark, Warlock Bond, Hunter Cloak).

Finally, some exotics for the other slots! Even if they look boring it'll be nice to see new yellow engrams and items.
Also mentioned: They're nerfing all Exotic guns down a level to make them more in line with Legendaries, since nobody was using purples as well.

This comes after the announcement of them reducing Gjallarhorns effectiveness on projectiles.

Also, they said and I quote, "The Largest Raid Yet" which makes me wonder - how can you make something larger than the vault of glass, on A SHIP...it'll be impressive to see.

And the three new subclasses will be a pleasure to use.

Status updates

The revamp is complete!
Ooops I did it again.
Please don't tell me I'm in a Ghost Town :(
So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess