What sports teams do you follow or support?


Apr 21, 2013
Well I'm an athletic person and I love all types of sports. But my most definate favourite would have to be football/soccer. Then would be sprinting, basketball, rugby,tennis,cricket,volleyball and swimming. My favourite football/soccer team is Arsenal, I've been supporting that team since I was born. How about you?
I follow American football, but that's about it. My favorite teams are the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, so the last Super Bowl was especially interesting. I used to play baseball and soccer when I was a kid, and I was a youth soccer referee for a while, too. I'm a fan of several different sports in general, but I really only enjoy watching NFL football.
I"m from Boston so I love and support my Boston/New England teams.

Mostly Red Sox and the Patriots. I don't care too much about Basketball or Hockey.
Mr. Bookworm said:
Maybe he'll get a little more love now than he did in Madrid?
Hopefully. I bet he'd be amazing at Arsenal if he goes there.
I consider myself a football and basketball sports fan. Right now it's football season so I have my eyes focused on the Houston Texans. Mainly because they are my hometown team, and since they're getting pretty good. They're scheduled to play the Chargers this upcoming Monday, so i'm really excited to see who's going to win.
FoeLion said:
Hopefully. I bet he'd be amazing at Arsenal if he goes there.
He's not been doing that well so far. Bit of a waste really.
I'm a skateboarder, and it's been a long time since I've followed the scene, but if I had to give a top five of my favorite teams, they would be Almost, Zero, Girl, and Enjoi, and as conflicted as I am about the brand itself, Element.
American football, I love the Steelers. Barring them, I just don't want to see the Patriots win another superbowl again so I'm rooting for the Seahawks.

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