What was the Toughest Boss you fought in PRISON OF ELDERS?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
So, after playing the many wave assaults and different modifiers you can do on each level of Arena Difficulty, what is the HARDEST boss you fought in the PRISON of ELDERS?

Mine is Urrox the Flame Prince. Not only is there a massive MASSIVE horde of Thralls and other Hive flooding the room, you HAVE HAVE to stay airborne while his rage is on or each second you're on the floor (he burns the entire floor in an AOE for 9 seconds) ticks for like 25% of your max shield and life. So if you stay airborne is keeps this debuff from hitting you.

The problem? The hordes of Hive don't want you just "flying around" so they shoot you down. Like SKEET son. Pow pow.

But he was probably the most challenging for my team. What is yours?
Skolas in the 35 (and the highest you can be is 34, so he WILL hurt) was a challenge until we figured out his strategy. Weapons of Light Titan + Gjallarhorn x 3 (fully loaded on each guy) = you can wipe him out in just shy of 40-50 seconds. I think the record is 30.

But if you do not have the aforementioned stuff or strategy, he is definitely one of the HARDEST bosses so far in the game. I can easily merc any other strike bosses or prison bosses (Urrox is hard, but not nearly as hard as Skolas !)

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