What's your loadout look like on Destiny?

Full Crota Raid Gear on each character. In my primary slots for purple guns, nothing other than fatebringer (vault of glass), vision of confluence (vault of glass) still reign supreme, even after 331 guns that have came out since the Dark Below content release. I have a newer scout rifle (Badger CCL) with identical stats to the fate bringer but max range, so I pull it out for longer battles.

For secondary, it's usually always equipped with some type of fusion or shotgun. I'll put on my 331 Icebreaker if I have to snipe, or some good old purp snipers (like Praedyth's) but I generally run with 331 shotties (Hide and Seek-42) (Invective) (Found Verdict, 300 shotty vault of glass) and Fusions (300 Fusion, Praetorian Foil) (331 Light of the Abyss) (331 Plug1.one) and more.

For heavies, I generally always run with rocket launchers for PVE and LMG (Light Machine Guns, Machine Guns) for PVP. I find it easier and more wiser to weave bullets out of cover then rockets. Unless that rocket launcher is my 331 Gjallarhorn, then I'll just seek you out. I however have fallen in love with the Dead Orbit heavy, the Deviant-Gravity A. It's a purple heavy, its perks may suck, but its stat bars rival the Thunderlord and it doesn't take an exotic slot to wear it.

I also prefer sunsinger for PVP/Golden Gunner (Gunslinger) and then Striker (Titan) for PVE or Defender for Raids.

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