When your dailies are finished...


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
And your raids are complete, what do you do to keep interest in playing destiny until the next weekly reset? My reason is PVP. I love to merc people and hear them ragequit and whine. It fuels me inside. Hey! What? I'm honest enough to admit it. You probably think like this too or you wouldn't be on a forum aimed at doing just that.

I play around on each of my 32's, a class of everything. I use my Hunter to PVP, my Titan for PVE Raids, and my Warlock mainly all the time for everything else (Blue, Red bounties)

So how do you keep your focus and entertainment when there's no reward for you to do so? Another of my reasons is grinding for Grimoire Score.

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The revamp is complete!
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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess