Which Halo had the best Covies?


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Feb 27, 2013
I'm going with Halo 2. Not only was the enemy variety in Halo 2 great, but you got a great look into how the Covenant operate in Halo 2. Furthermore, playing as the Arbiter offered a new perspective, and it was cool to discover that not every Covie is so zealous. Halo Reach is my runner-up; I liked their designs, (especially the Grunts) and it was neat to see them speak in their own language.
I liked the covenant in halo 2 the best, the arbiter from halo 2 is one of the most badass characters in any title
Halo 2, easily. Councilors? Heretics? On top of that, it included brutes AND elites.
Halo 2 bandwagon. Playing as the Arbiter and seeing the Covenant side of things was interesting. From earlier times, I just thought they were like the "Aliens" from "Aliens" movies, just killing us for fun. Turns out they were trying to stop the rings from being activated, or at least controlling the human flow towards it.

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