1. TorchuVadergear

    Regacide [Infinity Halo 4] VS Headhunter [Halo Reach Matchmaking]

    Regacide is the gametype which replaced the "Headhunter" mode from Halo Reach. In order to fully understand what it is, allow me to describe the old headhunter mode first: In headhunter, when a player dies he drops a flaming skull. This skull is able to be collected by players, who can carry an...
  2. I

    The Campaign

    I've started the campaign of Halo 4 earlier. It is a great game with awesome graphics and new guns. I've just got to the last mission and can't wait to go on multiplayer (servers were down) The best mission has to be the one where you find Lasky, 3 I think. He looks so different to the end of...