Regacide [Infinity Halo 4] VS Headhunter [Halo Reach Matchmaking]


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Oct 30, 2012
Regacide is the gametype which replaced the "Headhunter" mode from Halo Reach. In order to fully understand what it is, allow me to describe the old headhunter mode first:

In headhunter, when a player dies he drops a flaming skull. This skull is able to be collected by players, who can carry an infinite number of skulls. The objective of the game is to collect as many skulls as possible, and deposit them into a particular boundary. For every skull, the player gets one point. Averagely, the game is over and a player wins once they have collected 25 points. Particular things to note are that: A: Once you eliminate a player, the point is not yours, you must collect the skull and bring it to a boudary. B: Enemy players can collect skulls you have earned and gain your points. C: The boundary destinations move periodically, which can get rather frustrating for particular players. D: Players who are in posession of skulls collected from other players each have markers over thir heads which are visible to all players in a match.

Regacide has some similar traits, but it has changed notably from the Headhunter mode. To begin with, there are no skulls to collect. No skulls also means no boundaries to pursue. Now you may be thinking; "Wait a moment. If there are no skulls or boundaries, how is this game similar?" You will see.

When a match of regacide begins, every player is treated to an experience that closely mirrors a casual slayer match. In fact, it's actually free-for-all slayer. There is one big difference, however. The first player to get a kill is announced across the board as "King" and immediately obtains a large kill marker which is placed above his head for all players to see. Any player who kills the king obtains a bounty, because the king is worth points if you kill him. For every player that the king has killed the bounty on his head goes up. When the king himself is killed, the player who killed him collects points for the bounty that was on the kings head. When the king was killed, however, that does not necessarily mean that he is no longer king and that his foe has taken his place on the throne. No, not at all. In fact, the player who is king is determined by who actually has the most points in the game. If you were to kill the king, collect his bounty, and he still has more points than you, he's still the reigning monarch.

The differences between these two game-specific game-modes seems to be clear. In Headhunter it's a flat-out free-for-all to collect skulls. Regacide puts a bounty on one players' head and other players can continue earning points by merely killing each-other, or by taking the bounty; and with it, possibly the lead, which puts a price on their head.

(Information gathered by playing online matches and slight discussion with other players.)
I personally like team headhunter for FFA better

I also like Team Regicide better than Team Headhunter
Team Regicide is fun. I think they stole a page from the Predator movies in having you collect skulls but still, it's been good for a few laughs.

Actually I think MLG should have embraced team Regicide play, it would have made for some awesome videos.

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