Do you Camp in PVP? Run Around constantly?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
I use a mixture of talents. Reading the situation, I can tell when we're pushing against the enemy and when the enemy is pushing us back. Depending on the situation, I will hang back and snipe or hide up in the rafters with a Vex Mythoclast. If they're charging, I might hide behind a crate with a shotgun and one plug. However, if we're in the lead I leeroy like nobody's business to push the lead. If I take two or three before I die, successful death.

So how about you?
No one likes a camper :p. I prefer to run around and dominate as many as I can. Though I wish they would back off the power of the assault rifle. You find any form of a medium speed, tight accuracy, assault rifle and its just soooo over powered compared to all other weapons it seems. Can't complain with the pvp though. It definitely is entertaining.
Nobody may "like" those campers, but their KDRs always being over 1 is obviously "Good strategy" -- even if that strat is to camp and kill. The people who run into the campers knowing they're there without a plan are the ones at fault, IMO.

Assault rifles? You mean Auto Rifles? They're actually considered horribly underpowered by a majority of DESTINY gamers, and are looking to get a buff soon.

The current top tiers considered by many players are Shotguns>Hand Cannons>Pulse Rifles>Fusion Rifles>Sniper Rifles. The others all fit in there someplace, and some might argue with all the Thorns/Red Deaths out there that Pulse and Hand Cannon should be ranked higher, but in PVP 80% of the time I'm getting killed by a shotgun or close range battler.

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So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
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