1. Shimus

    Cool DESTINY Artwork

    Have some cool DESTINY photos? Perhaps you rock out to a DESTINY background or screensaver? This is the place to post all art from hand drawn to concept and everywhere in between. Here's a couple of mine: Fallen Walker Tank, and Fallen Vandals beside it. Well done.
  2. Shimus

    Huge GRIMOIRE Jump with new Expansion

    Upon logging in the first time after downloading the latest updates (And sub-sequential release) of HOUSE of WOLVES DLC, you will notice a staggering jump in your Grimoire. This is not only from all their new areas, enemies, weapons, and content - but also for previously broken Grimoire cards...
  3. Shimus

    House of Wolves is OUT!

    So, with the release of the HOUSE OF WOLVES expansion, there are plenty of more reasons to come back to DESTINY if you have since left. First off, you can ascend ANY (yes, ANY) item from 300+ (Weapon) or Armor (Up to Light Level 34) with their new function Aetheric Light. It's rare...
  4. Shimus

    Do you Camp in PVP? Run Around constantly?

    I use a mixture of talents. Reading the situation, I can tell when we're pushing against the enemy and when the enemy is pushing us back. Depending on the situation, I will hang back and snipe or hide up in the rafters with a Vex Mythoclast. If they're charging, I might hide behind a crate with...
  5. Shimus

    Will you be back for House of Wolves?

    I know i will. I play religiously, cap my characters out and wait for DLC. That's all DESTINY is really good for at the moment, aside from Crucible and PVP. But when the House of Wolves releases, will you come back? For that matter, the DLC to follow? I'll keep getting and coming back because...
  6. Shimus

    Where do YOU farm Glimmer?

    From all the different areas to farm glimmer, where is your favorite? Why? I personally love the Cabal mission "the Exclusion Zone" . So many yellow bars drops down the ship at the beginning points, and you only need to leave one Phalanx (Normal bar) up to kill you /kill yourself. Rinse and...
  7. Shimus

    Menu Load Times

    Anyone else wonder why they never gave us hotslots/hotkeys for ammo packs and consumables. It takes so long to enter menus, then toggle over to eat heavy ammo/ammo packs in general, or to switch guns. Also, they let you look at items while dead and compare, but you can't equip then until you...
  8. Shimus

    Eris Rank 4 Rewards

    For reaching Eris Rank 4 (Crota's bane reputation) her items are not very..well, awesome. Even all the other side factions for FWC/DO/NM have better choices. She has some shaders that look kinda fugly, some fugly emblems/insignia, and the right to exchange stuff. But no cool guns or anything. I...
  9. Shimus

    Bungie to "Lock" Exotics + Ammo Drop in PVP! What are your takes? I think it's finally where it should be going where it should have been at launch, personally.
  10. Shimus

    How much time do you spend PVP'ing in Destiny?

    I spend nearly all my logged on time in DESTINY in the Crucible. Lately I can't bring myself to do PVE as it seems tired and repetitively boring. The Crucible however constantly shifts and changes. So my question; how do you find the Crucible? I like it better than most other games PVP modes...
  11. Shimus

    New Destiny DLC: The House of Wolves

    Anyone following the new House of Wolves DLC and rumormill chat? I know I am! Plus many new story missions and a Raid, I'm looking forward to fresh content! How about you?
  12. Shimus

    Has anyone glitched around Tower?

    From flying to the top of the bank-vaults to the glitch down behind the shipwright, there's plenty of off-limit spaces you can naturally get in DESTINY. Have you did them in Tower? If not, youtube it. It's pretty fun!
  13. Shimus

    Destiny's Release of DLC Timetable

    What DLC you looking forward to? I want the COMET one, apparently all new three subclasses we're missing is inside it. There' also 12 new missions. That's kind of a lot.
  14. Shimus

    Your best destiny glitch?

    Where's the weirdest place you've glitched into? I've seen all the currently in-game downloadable content that's locked or still to be released yet, like the upcoming DLC: House of Wolves. I also glitched into the current new DLC, the Dark Below, way before it was out. I've also taken my...
  15. Shimus

    Destiny Funny Videos

    Here's the number one rated funny parody video for Destiny so far. We're Awoken and we'reeee OUTSPOKEEENNNN
  16. Shimus

    Xbox 360 Online PVP Team Signups

    I'm looking to have some friends in PVP. I'm sick and tired of carrying teams who don't know their heads from their asses, it's getting quite tiring. So, I'm hereby recruiting any player who normally averages a 1.5-2.5 K.D.R. or better each match. I want to stomp on some pubs, son. I need help...