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Jan 13, 2013
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How do you guys feel about the forge mode in halo 4?

I for one felt that its harder to use and has less features than reach
Agreed, the halo 3 forge was amazing and was easy to use compared to the Halo 4 version. I still have trouble going around the menu and there are a lot of things you cannot change, seems as though we had more freedom in Halo 3.

The over all appearance is better and more realistic. You can now see shadows where you place objects not to mention that you can select them with a lot more ease. I had a lot of trouble in Halo 3 when creating a map with multiple objects that were close range. I would always end up picking up the wrong object and had to replace everything with an extremely sensitive crosshair. Things look a lot more stable in Halo 4 which is proof they are on the right path.
My younger brother found so many glitches by playing in forge mode, you can go anywhere and try anything.

The custom games were a blast too, letting players randomly create games led to a lot of ideas for the regular maps too, and a lot of great youtube videos.
This is all you need to know about Halo 4 Forge:


Not too mention the framerates are so terrible. If you even imaging playing splitscreen forget it. The dynamic lighting makes indoor maps impossible to see and they got rid of nudge tools. Very silly.
I have to agree. Perhaps Forge wasn't focused on quite as much, and they just wanted to throw in a passable Forge, which is exactly what we got. It's up to the Halo community to make sure 343 knows they should make an awesome Forge mode in Halo 5, and a better file sharing system wouldn't hurt.
Well after Forge Island there are some pretty new nifty Forge pieces. I enjoy forging right on the water. There is a new green screen feature which I do not use.

Status updates

The revamp is complete!
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Please don't tell me I'm in a Ghost Town :(
So sad that Halo CE for PC is ending in a few days.
Time to start gearing up for Destiny, I guess