Halo 3 and the Controversy


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Dec 8, 2012
Halo 3 was released way back in 2007. It was a time when the gaming consoles were still new to most of the world. It came in the news a lot at that time that Bungie was facing a huge criticism for not launching it for Windows. I second this thought. I felt devastated at such a heinous decision. Who wouldn't? I was an ardent fan of the series and wanted to know how the series would end. It was a wrap-up after all.
Did anyone else feel this way? Or was it a right decision?
Who knew that a short 5 years later Bungie would no longer own the game and that Modern Warfare would topple it as top FPS multiplayer combat game? It's been an explosive ride and I remember reading that they had to choose a path early and push the game out due to stiff competition if they waited. They did the right thing.

Other games have died upon release because they took too long to release. Example: Ultima Online 3D, they had the game at 95% ready for 3 years but by the time they wanted to finally release it the graphics had become outdated and EA pulled the plug. Another game to face the same fate was Tabula Rasa, the game created by Richard Garriot, who also created Ultima Online.

FYI - in case you didn't know, UO (ultima online) is the grandady of all online multiplayer games, it's been around since 1997 and is still fun to play today though not nearly as busy as it once was.
If I recall the only reason they refused to release it was to boost the 360. It worked although eventually was replaced by CoD as the premiere title which hurts my brain when I think about it.
The production cycle, and lifespan, of games today is much much shorter simply because there are so many different companies trying to lure the same number of players to their games.

I see World of Warcraft losing it's grip right now, they are mergin servers now when at this time two years ago they couldn't launch enough new servers. This will surely benefit console multi-player games as people gravitate towards them.

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