Halo 4 vs. Halo Reach Multiplayer


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Sep 30, 2013
This question has been bumping around since Halo 4 came out. Which multiplayer is better, and why? Personally my only quarrel with 4 is its ordinance drops, but I guess a reward for doing something can make since. I kind of wish it was like CoD in the since that you can only get an ordinance drop if you score enough points without dying. Other than that, 4 and Reach seem very similar except for the different progression system to obtain different abilities such as active camo, and the ability to change the load outs. But I like things that you have to work for; it makes it all the sweeter when you earn what you get. When you break it down there really isn't that much of a question when it comes to which is better. I don't see why this was such a big issue, but I may be missing something. What do you have to say on the topic? Maybe I’m missing something that makes this topic important.
The only time I can play Reach are on the Anniversary maps. Other than that I though it was the total opposite than the direction the franchise should have gone. Loadouts, AA's and they slowed down player movement and jump height. Halo 4 "feels" great. Strafe is still slow but the base player speeds, jump etc are actually fantastic. Its the crappy stuff they put it the game that keep players from taking it seriously.
I agree with Avalon. Reach was too slow. The only thing I probably liked that they added (outside of the campaign which was good) was jetpacks. Everything else I found kinda meh. Way too few maps on Reach and the challenges got boring after a while. Armor locking should never have been implemented. I felt like Halo 4 was just a more polished game overall.
I can't say that I did not enjoy Reach...but that Armorlock ability REALLY ruined the game for a long time. Facing full armorlock teams was so annoying it was unbearable. Halo 4 didn't have anything like that so I enjoyed it more.
I dunno, I liked Reach. Yes, it's slower, and yes it's a little too varied-which I think is the only time that's been used as a complaint really?-but I liked it that way, because I quite like slower, drawn out games.

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