Hard Mode first bridge step (Double Loot) for Crota is Soloable


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Jan 22, 2015
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Took my hunter with full invis build, minus the don't touch me gloves. Gjallarhorn at 331 is almost a necessity for a smooth run. Get three people with this or more and it's a cinch cakewalk. Wolfpack rounds overpowered.

Run the lamp-to-lamp pathways. Sometimes, you'll need to crouch and stand multiple times to trigger your invis (it just seems to kick it in faster than waiting idle in one spot, anyways) and then still get up on the rock at the end after starting the bridge and dodging the last lamp explosion.

In the limited time you're on the rock, you'll see the Ogre spawn in down the hill, and be able to get off two rockets. This isn't nearly enough to kill it yet, so wait for it to come around the rock (the one it breaks line of sight off on, easy to read) and then just open up 3-4 more rockets. It dies. Re-stealth, run the bridge and get your loot. Easiest way ever to get the new auto rifle, The Abyss Defiant and the Fully auto Pulse-Rifle, the Oversoul Edict. You also get double drops if you didn't do a normal raid, so you can end up with a weapon AND 5 radiant materials (mixture of shards and energies, or just straight shards or energy sometimes).

Cha Ching, first step done. Double drops. If you haven't, remember the light in the side doorways here for a chest that contains two radiant materials (shards or energies, it's random) - just die until you see a diamond-shaped "light" above the first door, indicating the chest is indeed inside.

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